Alleged spy at Special Court nabbed

By Tamba Borbor in Freetown

Police attached the United Nations backed Special Court in Freetown Tuesday arrested a suspected United States of American citizen, Mich Chemidline outside the court, for taking footages without obtaining permission from the authorities.

 According the Inspector General of Police Brima Acha, the suspect, Chemidline will be charged to court for subversion.

 Rodmier Taylor Smith of the Public Affairs Section at the US Embassy in Freetown also confirmed the arrest of the suspected US citizen but stop-short from saying why Chemidline was nabbed.

 Reports further stated Chemidline has been around the Special Court’s vicinity at New England Vile, from the 29th April the year taking snap shorts.

 Chemidline is currently held in police custody ahead of his appearance in court for alleged subversion whiles his home in Freetown was searched by police for incriminating materials but however refused to comment on the continuing investigation into the matter.

 An immigration source in Freetown has disclosed that this is Chemidline’s first visit to Sierra Leone.

 The Deputy Chief Public and Press Affairs at the Special Court, Peter Anderson, said the snapshots were taken outside of the court, thus it is not a Special Court matter.

 Since the commencement of the war crime court hearing started in Sierra Leone, this is the first incident of subversion that has so far occurred at the court.    


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