Many Parties calling on RUFP for merger

Saturday May 13 , 2006

By Tamba Borbor in Freetown

The Revolutionary United Front Party (RUFP) Thursday 11 May 2006, urged the National Electoral Commission (NEC) in Freetown to conduct the forthcoming elections farily come next year, whiles stating that they would not allow other political parties to use as violence in order to defraud the presidential and parliamentary come 2007.
In an interview with COCORIOKO, at the party’s Lightfoot Boston Street office Freetown, the Public Relation Officer, (PRO) Michael Gana, said whiles scouting for a credible person to leader for, the imminent elections, “we are going to sit by and look at people rigging the poll, that’s why we are going to make sure that, this election is properly monitored, transparent sand fairly conducted.”
Therefore appealed to RUFP supporters and members not to tolerate other parties to easily carry them away simply because they already have their political belongingness to the RUFP and should bear in mind that they are running a political party.
He said so many political parties have called upon them to merge but they have a set criteria already in put place and which political party so ever is able to fulfill their conditions then, his party would forming a coalition with such party.
“Merging with other parties is actually not our problem, the fact that as long as our party does not lost its name and its membership then we are prepare to for an alliance with other political organizations,” he said.
How would the RUFP respond to the call of the incumbency for a merger Gana replied, ” the government of Sierra Leone is not our enemy we have no problem with that, only that they have to look into our problems and ready to heed to our conditions with a popular consultation with our members across the country.”
For what will be the RUFP developmental agenda if the party happens to sweep the polls come 2007, the PRO said “fighting a revolutionary war for well over a decade, with the same ideology now transformed into a political one, we don’t believe in making bogus promises.
We can’t at present promise the people notwithstanding that if the RUFP win and take over the power, we would allow the people to determine what they want for their country.”
On which way forward, the RUFP leadership for the 2007 elections, Gana stated that his party is still organize and that as long as people want power, and the party has a national popularity, “they would come and meet us because they need us.”

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