Anger against Maada Bio for threatening APC with another coup if they win 2007 elections


Friday August 19, 2005

First_Name:  yankay
Last_Name:  seisay
Email_Address:  [email protected]
Address:  london
City:  london


Comments:  COCORIOKO  pls keep the good work . I alway read your articles. This is from the ordinary Sierra Leoneans ,who love there country so much that we don’t want anybody or any thing to put this nation through hell again . The  likes of THE MAD MAN  MAADA BIO wants to reignite  the wounds of people  in times like this when Sierra Leone is still bleeding. Bunch of them should know that they are nothing but PRODIGAL SONS  with a military mind,  with no vision for Sierra Leone but bullying tactics.

 Bio  gave up power only because of his SLPP link and after he had done his own loot. He thinksthe people are real fools , not knowing that the only thing restraining us is that they were holding the guns bringing fear and terror to the nation. I am not anti any party because i will always carry the good work of any good government in my country where we need a leader who takes peace and stability as a priority in a united nation. Sierra Leone does not belong to one tribe or to clan but to all and may God help who ever has the nation’s interest and serves it well.

Secondly,  pls Daramy, mr preso and speaker,  can you stop your undiplomatic type of politics always talking of your material education against the opposition .The nation is still waiting for your PHD TO deliver. How come the post office is one  sick parastatals in sierra leone ? .some of us don’t have doubt on Pa Kabba but some of his apprentices . Good guys like Prince Harding  talk that much but his ministry is trying. HEY like mad Bio will say , gt this straight i am not pro APC COS I dont even know Ernest Koroma only that we have seen in many country people with less books and balances in there head delivering to there nation .That does not  mean we are not proud of our educated elite only that there legacies are questionable.

First_Name:  yankay
Last_Name:  seisay
Email_Address:  [email protected]
Address:  london
City:  london



Monday September 19, 2005

First_Name:  Thunballah 
Last_Name:  Dayma
Email_Address:  rks61203
State:  U.S.A

Comments: MAADA BIO insulted the whole of the sierra leone population> Boasting
about staging a coup. That is an insult to every sierra leonean. The slpp
government is making a roadmap for democracy. It’s the responsibility of every
sierra to support that government while it is in power.

Every body has the right
to oppose the SLPP democratically when its term of office ends in 2007. Whether
APC comes to power or not, the coup strategy is outdated. Bio should have lead
from the stories 0f George Washington, Jefferson and Paine, how they were
excellent leaders that raised America above other nation. Bio has 100 percent
right to contest for leadership, but mentioning a coup signals that he is not
the right person sierra leoneans are looking for. At the fore front of
leadership in sierra leone, personally, I have big respect for our President,
Vice president, Charles margai and Emmanuel grant. They are always addressing
issues and not persons in sierra leone. If the Heavens allow them to rule sierra
leone no one has the right to threaten them with a coup plot. But, if on the
other hand they fail to maintain power and lost to the APC or any other party,
who are you to threaten them with coup plot.

It is the the mandate of the people
that you are denying. I have a personal respect for Retired Brig. Bio, but his
statement is very scaring for the progress of sierra leone. The present
government is working hard to heal the sierra leone wounds. Let’s give them the
support. Thunballah Dayma

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