Armed robbery and youth protest in East End : Why try to give them a political twist ?

Armed robbery and youth protest in East End : Why try to give them a political twist ?

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We are receiving classified information that efforts are being expended to make  the Wellington crisis a political affair .  We have yet to confirm this information but the utterances by supporters of the opposition in internet discussion forms and social networking sites  like FACEBOOK  seem to suggest that the SLPP  is happy with the  chaos and followers are trying vainly to  make  political capital out of it.

I.G. MUNU : The Police has to

With the Presidential elections around the corner and prognostics pointing to a landslide victory for President Ernest Bai Koroma as the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP )  continues to implode, the Sierra Leone Police owe the nation a duty not to allow the situation to fester.They don’t want to give the opposition an escape route out of their looming defeat or provide them the opportunity to exploit the situation to unleash the chaos that is their second option. They must continue to exercise restraint to boost the  commitment and determination of the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) to have  peaceful , fair, free and credible elections in November.

SLPP  supporters should not allow us to remind them that the armed robbery was worse during their rule  and that  its attendant problem of youth protest over the killing of two persons thought to have been bandits by the Police have nothing to do with politics or the government’s ability to maintain national peace and security. Armed robbery is a social problem that bedevils all nations not only in Africa but even the advanced and industrialized countries like Britain and the U.S. Armed robbery is rampant in the U.S.  not because  the Democrats are lax or incapable of governing America. Sierra Leone cannot be the exception.

Peaceful Sierra Leoneans want to see peace and tranquility in the nation and are definitely tired of the politicization of non-political issues to create chaos. The habit is caused by nothing but lack of self-worth, lack of credible achievements to lean on for political leverage and  the unpatriotic  desire  to always see our nation in chaos. It is also caused by the spirit of selfishness by self -seeking politicians who think that they can exploit societal and national chaos to gain power.

We hope we as a people will be reasonable and allow democracy to prevail in Sierra Leone.

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