Bintumani 3 : Alpha Khan gives his own side of the story

TODAY – 23/05/19
Yes. I am here as an individual. I was invited to a national plea building conference. I believe peace is the priority so I came to put my own views across and to dialogue with leaders of SLPP in the govt to consider A P C and northerners as their compatriots.

I have also advocated for the payment of benefits to all former ministers of the APC and ambassadors and MDAs as a good will gesture.
It has been accepted and the minister of Finance has given instructions for the payment vouchers for benefits and the activation of pensions to be prepared immediately.

He assures me that the process should be completed by early next week.
As this is one benefit of the dialogue other matters will be dealt with in due course.
I have no apology for attending as long as it is in the interest of the people of Sierra Leone and particularly our APC comrades and sympathisers.

One of the important benefits is that benefits of past government officials will be made with immediate effect.

Can you imagine what other issues could have been resolved had I not been here?
To jaw jaw is better than to war war. Dialogue leads to resolutions. No war is concluded on the war front. It has to be resolved at the negotiating table.
Our party still has the opportunity to correct our past mistakes which are not grave ones
Our problems are not insurmountable but we must solve them ourselves.

Tomorrow. I will be moderating an important session. I would like some of our comrades to attend. We can put our issues across.
I am the chair and so time is available for healing and reconciliation.

Hon: Dr Alpha Kanu

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