Cecil Samba to help open doors of Commerce to deserving African nations


Monday June 4, 2005

Mr. Cecil Samba, a top adviser of the ruling SLPP New York Branch has been inducted as head of the African Section of the  Greater New York Chamber of Commerce and Senior Vice-President of the Maximization of Resources Enterprises for Caricom/Africa Business Industry and Investment Commission Incorporated.

Samba, who was inducted by the New York Chamber of Commerce, has the responsibility of introducing into the chamber African countries desirous of exploring the enormously rich New York business markets.

During his induction, Samba promised to serve  the continent diligently and help open doors of commerce for deserving African countries .The induction of African countries into the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce also means that the African nations will automatically become part of the New York business community where they can broker economic deals on behalf of businesses back home and  in New York and America.

Mr. Kim Erroll Fuller, Manager Partner of the McCreary and Fuller Public Relations Inc. of New York told COCORIOKO that the economic benefits to be derived by African nations from their induction to the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce were “enormous.”

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