Death of Mohamed Sadu Bah : Lawyer Sorie Tarawally pays tribute

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Alhaji Mohamed Sadu Bah, B.A.; Juris Doctor (J.D.)
Community Activist, Philanthropist, Humanitarian;
A believer and a Muslim, Father and Husband, an Uncle and ardent Nationalist
A Friend and a Colleague, A Scholar. Sunrise November 25, 1947 and sunset January 1, 2011
Monsieur Bah, his teenage nickname, must have been proficient or at least a good student of french at the Saint Edwards Secondary School. He was a few years my senior but we all knew him as Monsieur Bah. In the East end of Freetown where we all grew up, we met to play pranks and show our intellectual prowess at the Conray Hotel at Fourah Bay Road.  He was a fierce debater and we all have memories of him in an Albert Academy vs. St. Edwards debate and his profound thanks to all the participants….  In the US, he went to law school after which he was admitted to the Pennsylvania and DC Bar, and by comity in Maryland. In the late nineties, we crossed paths again in ASLLUS (Association of Sierra Leonean Lawyers in the U.S.), he was our Finance Sec. and Treasurer. In ASLLUS, in alliance with other organizations (FOSL, NOSLINA, etc. etc.) we lobbied the State Department and other agencies to end the war in Sierra Leone; we lobbied the S.L. government to enact the dual citizenship act and the legal practitioners act which allowed American trained lawyers admission to practice law in Sierra Leone.
Attorney Sadu Bah financed or contributed greatly towards the successes of some major diaspora organizations: NOSLINA in its infancy needed financial aid and Sadu Bah gave without being asked; SALCORE, another budding Sierra Leonean organization was aided and assisted both financially and otherwise by Attorney Bah. Indeed, in the DC metro area, Sadu Bah gave freely and willingly. I have had to refer numerous Sierra Leoneans who needed legal assistance and attorney Bah offered his services pro bono, in some instances. He was active in Sierra Leone politics without being obnoxious, we belonged to different political parties but that has never stopped us from working together. Attorney Bah and I steered NOSLINA’s legal ship. He was my friend, my colleague, a role model during our days at the Conray Hotel at Fourah Bay Road, an indefatigable crusader for the rights of his country men and women.
SADU BAH, may your soul rest in peace
and as you argue your cases and present your briefs to the Chief Justice above,
rest assured that your clients here below appreciate your services
and are assured of your dedication

by:  Sorie S. Tarawally, Esq.


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