First Lady Sia Nyama Koroma visits GULF Hospital in New Delhi, India

The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Sia Nyama Koroma has paid a visit to the INDO GULF Hospital and Diagnostics in Nodia, New Delhi, India.
Her visit is to gain first hand experience, and learn about the hospital’s development, best practices, patient care and upcoming projects, with the idea of potentially replicating such efforts in Sierra Leone as part of her legacy project.

The First Lady and delegation were received by the Executive Director of the hospital, Dr. S. Kumar and his family.


Dr. Kumar took the delegation from Sierra Leone on a conducted tour of the hospital’s facilities and screened a documentary of a hospital he is currently building in neighbouring Guinea.

The First Lady and Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation 1, Madina Rahman, had fruitful discussions with Dr. Kumar on the possibility of putting up a similar facility in Sierra Leone.


Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma told the Indian Doctors that her presence in India is to endorse the need for help in Sierra Leone’s health sector.
“We will do whatever it takes to add value to our health care system, because our ultimate aim is to save lives,” says Mrs. Koroma, also promising Dr. Kumar and his family full support should they decide to embark on such venture.

The Deputy Health and Sanitation Minister, Madina Rahman informed Dr. Kumar that having an advanced diagnostics and treatment facility in Sierra Leone would be a plus for the country, as it will also attract patients from the West African Sub-Region.


She also requested for a training facility for local medical personnel to capacitate them in diagnostics, quality patient care and treatment.
She expressed hope that the medical facility being built by INDO GULF Hospital in Guinea would be replicated in Sierra Leone, stating that at present, Sierra Leonean patients seek medical treatment in India, whereas the resources used to refer one patient for treatment in India, could be used to treat up to five patients on Sierra Leone soil.

Responding to the requests, Dr. S. Kumar acknowledged that after a few visits to Sierra Leone, he has concluded that the country’s health sector needs help.

He expressed interest in setting up a multi-specialty hospital in Sierra Leone, with his own Doctors carrying out diagnosis, whilst stressing that he’ll need up to 10 MRI per day to break even.

The First Lady also had one-on-one meetings with consultants and employees of various specialties and later responded to questions from journalists on various aspects of Sierra Leone’s health sector.

The INDO GULF Hospital and Diagnostics is a multi-specialty healthcare service facility established in 2003 that follows strict International standards with a focus on providing quality patient-centric care and excellent service.

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