Weep, poor country ! !

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When you have a blood-thirsty tyrant  aspiring for power and people know that he is  is going to drag the nation back to war but are oblivious of the alarm bells ringing all around them, you know that your country is in serious trouble.  When opponents are set upon and viciously stabbed and brutalized and the  country’s leading journalists cannot muster courage to call it as it is and blame the guilty party because they have been bribed by the power-hungry seekers of the presidency, you know that trouble is knocking at the door of your nation.

When you have all the early warning signs of future anarchy and not even the country’s civil society groups and human rights organizations have the testicular fortitude to cast blame where it should be cast, because these organizations years back have been infilterated by supporters of one political party, you know that trouble is not far away.

An opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) supporter in the diaspora,  a learned man in his own right, who should know better, epitomised the dilemma Sierra Leone faces presently when he gloated at the Leonenet Forum over the stabbing of six APC members last weekend by SLPP supporters :  “I was busy on the SLPP forum this weekend regarding that stupid Fadika and his APC Thugs who still believe this is the old SLPP of Kabba The Punk and Traitor. Now the APC are reckoning with the fact that they had a reason for fearing the election of Maada Bio.Its a new fearless SLPP under Maada Bio…We Take No Prisonsers..”When Sierra Leoneans hear all these threats and are still reluctant to call things by their names that the SLPP  has sowed seeds of violence and chaos when they deliberately chose Maada Bio as Presidential candidate ,it is very unfortunate for the nation. If the statement above does not show why the SLPP  chose Bio, nothing will .Since Maada Bio became the SLPP Presidential candidate, look at the violence that is sweeping the country. Does this not vindicate people who say that the SLPP’s main strategy is to unleash violence as a way of reclaiming power ?

What is becoming  more frightening in Sierra Leone  is the covert support being given SLPP’s lawlessness and violence by journalists , civil society groups and so-called human rights organizations . When there was chaos at the SLPP Headquarters , the BBC, Reuters, AFP and UPI stringers in Sierra Leone were quick to send reports to their international media accusing the APC of launching the attack. When the SLPP Presidential candidate Maada Bio was stoned in Bo, the same BBC , Reuters , AFP and UPI stringers quickly accused SLPP supporters of carrying out the attack in their reports. However, since Saturday’s violence in which up to six APC members were brutally stabbed by SLPP supporters , not a single one of these stringers have sent out reports accusing APC supporters of carrying out the attacks. Even some local newspapers are no exception.Now that it is APC supporters who have been stabbed , “It is not known who carried out the attacks “.  So far, only STANDARD TIMES, AWARENESS TIMES and TORCHLIGHT and to a great extent ARIOGBO and SIERRA EXPRESS have been bold to say that SLPP supporters stabbed APC members.

As for the fake civil society and human rights organizations , they are no better. None has condemned the violence and stated the fact that APC supporters were stabbed by SLPP supporters. We hope it is not true the news making the rounds that Bio has mortgaged our natural resources to rogue international companies in exchange for campaign funds which have been used to bribe journalists and Civil Society.

Even more troubling was the press statement released by the Political Parties Registration Commission( PPRC) who claimed that they had people on the ground where the disturbances took place .

The PPRC was able to graphically document the key supporters of the APC and SLPP on the scene and even the writings on their T-shirts. They were able to state exactly when the victims Lansana Fadika and others arrived at the scene and how their presence provoked chaos but in the report no mention is made that in the confusion that followed they were stabbed by SLPP supporters. When it came to recording that there was violence against the APC, the PPRC developed amnesia but it remembered that the SLPP  candidate had his arm injured. No mention of the APC members stabbed.  When organizations that much is expected of  display such bias, you wonder where our country is heading.

It all boils down to lack of patriotism .When people in a nation are no longer patriotic and place the interest of their political parties and regions above the interest of the nation, this is what happens.



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