Maada Bio is so desperate for power he has become a danger to society

 The kind of breathless , blind  and ruthless ambitions defeated opposition presidential candidate, Maada Bio is expatiating makes him a very dangerous man to society. When somebody is so power-conscious to the extent that he loses all reasoning and common decency, it is only a matter of time before he plunges his whole society into chaos .
Maada Bio has never been a presidential material. The crude and uncivilized dwarf  was not even the frontrunner during the contest for the SLPP flagbearership for last year’s elections. It was the very John Benjamin he would not flinch to strangle to death today if they left the two of them in the same room for just one second that helped him bulldozz his way to victory through dirty and corrupt backroom intrigues and arm-twisting of delegates  during the Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) Convention in 2011. In this, the SLPP  acted very stupid and their self-destructive idiocy came back to haunt them when the former junta leader turned out to be a very hard sell during the electioneering campaign, leading to their humiliating defeat during the November 17  Presidential Elections
To say that with the ink yet to dry on his ignominious defeat Maada Bio is yet again involved in another break-neck and insane war with members of his party for another shot at the flagbearership beats everybody’s imagination. Why are some people so hungry for power ?  Why are some people so rapaciously desperate for power ? Why does Maada Bio think he is the one person fit to be the SLPP Presidential candidate though he lacks the charisma, personalty, character and support from majority of his part members ? For the past two months or so, Maada Bio has held this whole nation to ransom beating up and inflicting injuries on anybody who does not support his mad drive for power. He has so torn his own political party  asunder that forefathers of the SLPP  like Sir Milton Margai, Sir Albert Margai, Salia Jusu-Sheriff, Taplima Ngobeh, G.S. Panda , Joe Kamanda Bongay, R.E.S . Lagawo , Mannah Kpaka etc .will be turning in their graves in utter disgust at this unbridled  and uncouth midget who behaves like a beast without nature.
Maada Bio is definitely a danger to society and the authorities must not cut him a slack in their determination to protect and preserve the peace and tranquility of the nation. The Government took the right decision today to invoke Military Aid to Civil Power (MAC-P) in Bo and Kenema Districts  WITH EFFECT FROM MIDNIGHT TODAY UNTIL EARLY NEXT WEEK , according to the Special Executive Assistant to President Koroma, Dr. Sylvia Blyden. According to Blyden,  ”This effectively means that as from MIDNIGHT (00:00GMT) of Friday August 16th 2013, well-armed professional soldiers will be conducting joint patrols with well-armed professional police officers in the streets of Bo and Kenema and the two cities’ environs. ”
Though there is a general feeling that the authorities are giving Maada Bio too many breaks with the law and in the process literally pampering an unruly tiger that may break loose one day and wreak woe and grief in his society, the Government should be commended for not taking Maada Bio for granted and for persistently reminding him that Sierra Leone is a country of rules and laws. The Government of Sierra Leone must enforce the laws of the country to protect the lives and properties of the people.
We also hope that John Benjamin and others would not succumb to Maada Bio’s Pa-O- Paism ( It is either me or disaster ) . They must withstand the coward and the bully and stop him from riding roughshod over them. It is time for the SLPP  to rid its vanguard of this   ill-wind that blows nobody any good.

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