Mrs. Florence Turay must return to the field

By A. R. Bedor :


Madam Florence Turay Koroma

Political activities by ordinary people should not end after elections as it might be the beginning of a long journey of making the grassroots peoples especially the illiterate in the rural areas to be seen to continue to be involve in the governance of the state.

Before going further this author is not trying to say that Madam Florence Turay Koroma is the only person in the family of President Ernest Bai Koroma that plays a major role but the author is trying to catalogue the roles she played in educating the urban and rural populace in the 2012 November, general elections. This woman was not only seen to be indispensable but most observers seeher to be central in the past political actives in North, South and East of the Sierra Leone but it is hard to believe the level at which the void rate dropped and high level of involvement of the people in the rural areas and the formation of grassroots movement within a very such period during the past elections period.

Several people have demanded the President to allow his indefatigable sister, Madam Florence Turay Koroma and her team to continue the good job for the enhancement of the country democracy and the Agenda for Prosperity.

What Preisdent Ernest Bai Koroma and government should remember is that the Agenda for Prosperity lies in the number of Sierra Leoneans that will happen to understand and accept that idea as the more and more the grassroots populace move up the pyramid the more the politic influence and innovative ideas for the development of the country will continue to grow.

And the author will also want to put it clear that the President should not see Madam Turay Koroma as an elder sister but a true Sierra Leonean who retired as a Teacher in the United States of America and sacrifices her precious time and resources to help in the development of the country especially with the rural populace in her own little way as within a very such time she was able to spread nationwide more especially in the most remote interiors of Bombali, Kambia, Kailhaun, Tonkolili, Moyamba, Bonthe among others in seeing that the void votes are reduces and political participation and tolerance increases.

Mr. President sir, it will be good for the people that are demanding the return of your elder sister, Madam Florence Turay Koroma to continue educating them on developmental issues particularly so on the Agenda for Prosperity as most rural and illiterate Sierra Leoneans are finding it very hard to understand the concept of the agenda whiles others totally misunderstood it at the detriment of all.

Several people pleading with her not listen to the detractors who a are not patriotic and has nothing to contribute in the development of the country.

People in the East and South admired her in two foremost ways, her ability to get volunteers (Some of which are well educated) at the same time volunteers were able to get other volunteers/ contributors in various communities that contributed so much within their localities.

Madam Florence Turay Koroma was not only educating the All People Congress party supporters but targeted the entire populace which was revealed in Moyamba, Matru Jong among other areas in the Southeast that helps other political parties and the state as whole. Mr. President, Thank her for us but however let her Come BACK into the game with her team.



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