NRM unwittingly bungles the momentum back to President Ernest Koroma and Co.


President Ernest Koroma has come out of it all smelling like roses and reestablishing his supremacy within the APC.

This is what happens when you sit down and let God fight for you. They heaped all kind of allegations, frills and disrespect at him. He made every effort to reconcile with them and he even held a meeting with them and even wore their rebel cap as a sign of goodwill and tolerance. But they wanted only the path of extremism, which does not always breed peace and progress in politics. Political and religious extremism are responsible for the chaos in the world.

They wanted a dirty fight with him that would have destroyed the goodwill, respect and sympathy the party enjoys from the common man and woman of Sierra Leone . While President Ernest Koroma preached peace, restraint and step-by-step reform , they wanted none of that. They wanted everything to be kicked out and everything changed overnight, but things do not always go like that. Reform is systematic and progressive.


PRESIDENT KOROMA, full of political wisdom and experience , decided not to go the deep end with them because the path of extremism only leads to wild cat reforms that are never sustainable . Extremism also leads only to chaos.

They fought him, damaged his name and spread all kinds of .
ill-will against him, but President Koroma did not respond in kind. He sat down and decided to let God fight for him. After all, he has no evil intentions for the party. In fact, while all the ministers who gained from the party have gone into hiding with their riches and are not helping to fund the party in its moment of desolation and crisis, he singularly , with the help of some die-hards , is the one keeping the party alive with financial backing..

God will always fight for you when you sit down and put everything in his hands and let him fight for you.

Look at where we are today. The NRM have shot themselves in the foot. Whatever support and goodwill they had been enjoying from some members of the party have been destroyed by this singular mistake they made to recruit SLPP operatives to disrupt the party convention , which had been convened to address the very issues these NRM people were clamouring for.

Their action has angered the majority of APC members and shifted all the sympathy and goodwill to President Koroma and his executive. The momentum they thought they were gathering been destroyed by just this one single act of petulance.

The APC went to Port Loko to work on taking out from the new constitution what the NRM did not like and to set the stage for the delegates convention later that would have seen the exit of President Koroma and the old executive. But the conniving, grasping extreme NRM disrupted the mini-convention and plunged the party into incalculable financial losses and psychological distress.

Well, APC members do not want their party to collapse. They love their party and want to see it progress. Therefore, they met in a press conference and have turned back to President Koroma and his executive to continue running the party with full support now more than ever from the rank-and-file and the vanguard of the party. From the blues, the ascendancy and the momentum returned to President Koroma and since nature abhors a vacuum, the business of the party has to continue—-And so, it has been decided for the APC to continue operations with the old constitution. So who lost ? It is the NRM . The APC is going to continue business . Nothing will hamper the APC.

It is always good to sit down and let God fight for you.

God has fought for President Koroma and he is back as the kingpin while the MRM languish in infamy.

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