NRM, a big Betrayal to  APC core values and to grassroot support*

NRM a big Betrayal to  APC core values and to grassroot support*
By sidiq
1. The party has been harassed, intimidated and unfairly treated by the SLPP, never for  once has NRM ever  came out to condenm those actions. They reserved their energy to fight the APC.
*#Betrayal 1*
2. They requested reforms which we all wanted and was granted. They have meetings with the executive hierarchy , they were included in all the new constitution review committee. Most of their demands were met. They  requested for the removal of the selection and consultation clauses, the party did. So what else do they want?
*#Betrayal 2*
3. The last straw that broke the camel’s back is their hiring of an SLPP MP  as their lawyer. That clearly exposed their alterior motives, because SLPP wants nothing good for the APC party. Of the many lawyers in the country, why SLPP lawyer???
*#Betrayal 3*
4) They didn’t stop there they file the matter to a partial SLPP activist  judge who we all know illegally removed APC elected MPs . Bad optic and symbolism
*#Betrayal 4*
5) They waited the very day to file an injunction after billion of Leone and fund spent to organize the mini Convention to change , adjust and ratified the very constitution they have advocated for in 2 yrs and was granted . They ordinary supporters lost millions of Leones of there very miga resources to attend the convention . If they were sincere why wait the very day to cause embarrassment and financial loses to the party . Now it them against the ordinary supporter
*#Betrayal 5*
*6) Biggest and worse betrayal is conniving with forces whose sole aim is to destroy the APC . It can’t be clearer than this .*
Guess what? it NRM vs the grassroot now not the Executive’s

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