Pictorial display : President Koroma in Libya for EU-AU Summit

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By  Razia Sadique , State House Press :

President Ernest Bai Koroma has arrived in Tripoli, Libya to attend the Third African/ European Union Summit with the theme Investment, Economic Growth and Job Creation.

The Summit is attended by ninety seven African and European Presidents and is expected to provide an opportunity for the African and European Union to take stock of the progress made so far in the implementation of the Joint Africa/ EU Strategy and its Action Plan of 2008-2010. The Second Plan to be adopted at the Tripoli Summit is designed to discuss new challenges and govern future cooperation. President Koroma was earlier received by the member of the Libyan General Committee

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  • African is looking to the future

    This is without doubt a positive move – As a young Diaspora, Sierra Leonean – I suggest we should make the past history and look to the future just like many other nations did. History show that the developed world has struggle before its sustain good standard of living today – for instance; the French revolution, Normandy, The great American wars, and most recent the cold wars. Just to name few – these are wars that developed countries fought to secure mutual interest, and many African die in most of these battle field, fighting for their colonial masters.

    In the twenty first century, the petition planed to set up the United Nation under per-condition which initiate from the western country, with no African state or African country. And after the birth of the UN in 1945 – its electorate had drawn a plan of introduction: (which I called the plan of manipulation). This was a system setup to introduce the panel to rest of the world including Africa. The system was aim to imposed tolerance and democracy on Africa – believed that Africa is incapable to manage its self. Nowadays the world is at its stature of global-insecurity by terrorism because of the selfishness and mismanagement of the neo-colonial masters and yet they believe that they are responsibility good to the world so they are using wealth and the media to manipulate their lies and endeavour.
    Infect Africa should have its own central media equivalent to CNN/BBC or even bigger than those one because Africa deserve respect and Africa is worth to maintain its uniqueness.

    Because Africa is growing with expectations – the days when its image in the developed world was one of rolling vistas of unspoilt safari parks, natural disasters and war are over…

    In its World Economic Outlook, the IMF predicts sub-Saharan Africa will grow by an average of 4.7 percent this year, a rate that is second only to Asia. Especially today, the continent of 1 billion people – Africa, offers a higher rate of return on investment than any other region in the world (Standard Chartered Bank -London: 2010).

    Today the global economic competition is different and of course African is no longer a reserve for self interest by the developed countries. So Africa should continue to thrust good governance and strive for production. In reality we have potential: Africa has so many vital natural resources including the human resources as well – so Africans let move on.

  • Great site, figured out a few new things! Subscribed RSS for later, hope to see more updates like this one.

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