The Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) can be best likened to the weather which changes more often than not, when one least expects it. Very unreliable and ungrateful! Until and unless the SLPP as a structure starts appreciating its members and stops throwing away members for whatever reason (s), peace in that institution remains farfetched. The spate of suspension/expulsion of members of the SLPP by the National Executive Council (NEC), the second highest decision making organ of the party has only weakened the already beleaguered party as it goes without saying that politics is a number game.


The latest expulsion of three strong members of the party in the persons of Messrs Victor Sheriff, Alex Kargbo and Alusine Bangura from the party by the Secretary General, Ambassador Ali Badara Kamara is a clear indication that SLPP is not ready for peace. Despite efforts by peace-loving party members to broker peace among aggrieved and disgruntled members of the party, spanners are still placed in the very good works of these genuine members. The recent flamboyant and glitzy peace march and the signing of a bogus document referred to as a joint communique were all but a mere public show of unreliability. The ‘epiphany’ was short lived as the war continued. Why expel the three gentlemen? Is the Secretary General trying to prove that the Appeals Court verdict was wrong? Was the expulsion a decision endorsed by the party’s National Executive Council (NEC)? These and more are questions that beg for answers.

While the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) is making significant inroads in the SLPP strongholds, the latter is asking its members out and in the circumstance, losing other members who are naturally loyal to those the party has expelled. When Lawyer Charles Francis Margai resigned from the SLPP, his decision was trivialized. When he subsequently formed the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC), he was laughed at and his party’s acronym dubbed; ‘Pikin Margai Don Crase’ (PMDC), meaning little Margai has gone mad. Margai however showed the SLPP just what a madman can do.

The recent defection of popular SLPP politician Med Kay to the APC and the shocking resignation of Dr Dennis Bright was a big blow to the party but did that serve as a lesson? No! Well, the SLPP can continue expelling their members for expressing their disgruntlement and dissatisfaction over certain decisions and actions of certain members of the party; the APC will always give them a red carpet welcome. If you think the more members you expel, the more chances you have to win the next elections then you can expel more if you like.


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