The NGC /KKY euphoria is “Blowing in the Wind”

By Israel Ojekeh Parpar

It is absolute rubbish to say KANDEH KOLLEH YUMKELLA (KKY) and the NGC will win the forth coming Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Councils Elections (with a land slide ???). He talks a lot, makes unrealistic promises full of would be “hope to do” with no evidenc to support these promises. KKY is only one man who amuses with flamboyant oratory and believes in “hope”. All those with a bit of clout that are with NGC, especially those run aways like himself are all past failed politicians of SLPP (apart from a few insignificant APCers that joined them). Unless Salone want SLPP back then let them vote for NGC which is Mark 2 SLPP in changed clothing. It is just a change of the name only! “We want change”! But this change comes from continuity of the very developmental direction of EBK’s government which KKY himself has openly acknowledged and vindicated. SLPP IS SLPP whatever the colour of the clothes they put on!
NGC and SLPP; they are one and the same. They will fail like Charles Margai and his PMDC (most of whose original members returned to the SLPP), or Dr. Karimu” NUP or PDP. or Dr Abass Bundu’s failed party and their return to the SLPP as well.

KANDEH YUMKELLA : The empty dream

WHY EXACTLY? Because voting for NGC equals voting for SLPP with different clothes but same people. It is not APC vs Yumkella; it is not SLPP vs YUMKELLA. It is SLPP, NYC, PMDC, C4C, CDC, etc.etc vs APC. Yumkella alone does not constitute NGC. He needs 55% of the popular votes to get the Presidency in the FIRST round. The rest of the country need to vote for Parliament. The party that has the highest 50.1% controls Parliament. Now, with the state of things, APC is poised to win the Parliamentary elections because, SLPP has Bio as their problem. (SLPP/Bio will do very well in Bo, Kenema, Pujehun, parts of Kailahun, major part of Moyamba, and some part of Kono. It will be extremely difficult for NGC/ KKY to gain many seats for Parliament in those places. They simply do not have the structure, the money nor the time to convert those die herds SLPP to switch to NGC (and most see YUMKELLA as a traitor, having ran away from the SLPP – a party his father helped to build.) His own votes for the Presidency in those parts will also be greatly affected. The people of those areas do what their Chiefs tell them. Note that! The NORTH is dominated by APC whatever the noise coming out. Even Port Loko where there were some vexation after SAMURA was chosen, are settling down. ALPHA KHAN has been re-appointed Information Minister and has had the courage to coax his disappointed supporters. Don’t talk of Koinadugo, Kambia, Bombali, Kabala (Fulla country: the Cherricoco effect). NGC will score some votes, but not enough to translate to wining seats for Parliament and this will also affect the Presidential votes: people tend to vote for the same Party and person e.g. SLPP/Bio; CHARLES MARGAI/PMDC; or PDA/Kamarainba etc.

As for WESTERN AREA, there are 28 constituencies, (12 in FREETOWN alone). No other party has won Freetown since 1967 apart from APC. Whatever the noise it will be the same in March. Voting numbers may be reduced and perhaps 1 or 2 Parliamentary seats lost to SLPP (not NGC) based on the “HEADMAN” elections just few days ago. Again APC has chosen Yvonne Aki-SAWYERR as candidate for MAYOR and who ever gets the symbol normally wins! THIS IS THE “KRIO” effect. Den Krio way wan vex, APC don pick KRIO WOMAN FOR MAYOR. Unless den KRIO want SLPP (original or the MARK 2 NGC version), den na den yon fault; nor to APC fault!

There are 132 constituencies in Sierra Leone and ALL are to be funded by each party. Each candidate have to pay deposits: SLPP and APC can afford but NGC are struggling. These are some pointers. I hope you all can hold a broad objective view not just the sing song like some people, “APC must go”; or the vague empty promises from KKY flamboyant (and sometimes, repetitive oratory) with no evidence of how he and NGC will fund the future needs of Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans! “THE ANSWER MY FRIEND, IS BLOWING IN THE WIND”…THE NGC/KKY, IS BLOWING IN THE WIND!


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