Wednesday August 31, 2005

First_Name: Lawrence
Last_Name: Sandi
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Comments: So for the past week or so, i have been following dorminating events on this media, i stand to be corrected but from my opinion i realized that the SLPP leadership drama and the utterance by Maada Bio against the APC became the most events that was covered. Less i forget the Sylvia Blyden thing was also amongst this lot but i really care less about her and what she stands for cause for people who know, she is just another snitch who is on fire for opportunity at the expense of anything.

so i felt the need to also throw a cent or quarter into this two burning issues. lets start with Mr NPRC chicken who is home to roast, amin ngo Maada Bio(Kotor), i respect and believe that at this day and age, with all exposure acquired in the relm of western interaction you should at least think and also look at the pros and cons before u talk or make statements especially over an open media. Maybe if this was infront of the dinning hall on a typical saturday morning during cleaning or in manchester during those raw-stick makeover u probably will get away with this, but ngo Bio think about this for a minute……. There is no Sierra leonean both far and near who do not know what APC is or still continue to be!!!!! homeboy even chickens and goats back home, babes and the like will have a second thought at the mention of APES PIGS & CORRUPTEES (APC).

At the same token mr take a good look at the Sierra Leone and take a journey down memory lane between the era of 1991-2000. If u really love this land that u want to lead, do u really think ur statement was justifiable????? If this was a strategy to gain support for the SLPP bench, man your campaign strategists should go back to the drawing board and start all over.

However, one striking event out of all this is the people who think they should blow this out of proportion, The concern citizens of New Jersey is that the name???? my only question for y’all in this group is where have u all been and or how old is this said group??? what is it that as a group you can boast of that you have done or what meaningful help have you rendered to the needy citizens of SL thst u claim to represent. why are y’all trying to blow this out of proportion as if you people run the judiciary system in the world.

Grant it this is probably one of those spring baby groups who blossom at the helm of electioning and quickly denature as there corrupt political agendas are met. DA APC PATTERN WE SABIE AM YAH!!!!!!

In closing sir, why do you spent so much time on coverage about the SLPP leadership saga?? common look at this critically, who is really interested in a ruling party that is as old and corrupt but yet really premature to the extent that they witch-hunt each other to find a leader. Let me tell you mr, SLPP is a disgrace to political history of SL simply because of the old diseased shattered folks that keep running up and down as if it is there personal property. Take a look at Berewa, what can he deliver that he could not done when he was VP or whatever title he bears now, where is Sama Banya, Charles Margai, JB Dauda, all these flip floppers. Today APC/NUP tomorrow SLPP. i suggest all these oldies who has been in more than one party be banished from politicing and even competing in any form of election or holding public office.

let them give chance to the new breeds who are smarter, vigilant and more active than the Kpuwaee’s or Berewaaa’s. That is what SLPP need, but spending time on there internal fight and issue about Berewa walking out of a meeting, Kabba supporting Charles for chairmanship is waste of time and complete bullshit. There are burning issues that are more of importance to us in the diaspora that we will love to know about rather than party’s internal politics. What is the situation with Hingha Norman in detention while fighting to defend his land??? Kabba leaving office soon, can they have a commision to audit all what he accomplished during his tenure of office??? how bout our parastatals, who is doing what, the hospitals, other essential services, what is the current situation with the flood victims in pujehun?? what is alpha Wurie doing wit our educational system?? all these can be more meaninful than party politics. Thanks though for having this media

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