“We shall continue working towards an excellent surge in ties with China” -John Baimba Sesay

Sierra Leone’s Press Attaché to the People’s Republic of China has assured that as an Embassy they will do all they could in working towards excellent bilateral ties between his country and the People’s Republic of China. John Baimba Sesay spoke on the night of Friday January 15th on SLBC TV ‘We Yus’ Program where he was a Guest to Presenter Daniel Moseray.



According to Sesay , Sierra Leone and China have enjoyed excellent, exceptional and strong ties that have lasted for decades at the political diplomatic and people- to-people levels and as a result, it is their determination to not relent in pushing such ties, thus ensuring better surge. The Presidents of Sierra Leone and China, he said have both never relented in pushing the ever-growing diplomatic and people to people relations and that lifting the bars of cooperation ties between the two countries is core to their work as representatives of Sierra Leone in China.

Speaking further, Sesay informed his audience that they have as an Embassy been working on taking the Embassy to the people by opening up offices in major cities in China like Shanghai, China’s financial capital and X’ian . ” We have also been working on not getting investors, but credible ones” to help in Sierra Leone’s quest for growth. He said they were also very instrumental in the fight against the Ebola virus as they did not only facilitate movement of Chinese nationals who had come to help with the fight, but as an Embassy they made a modest financial contribution to the fight. He also disclosed, a recent presentation of cash contribution was made as support to flood victims by the Embassy through friends in China.

Sesay expressed, on behalf of the Acting Ambassador Madam Momoh and staff, the Embassy’s appreciation for China’s overall support to Sierra Leone and for standing by Sierra Leone especially during Ebola and in helping develop the country’s human resource capacity by awarding scholarships to deserving Sierra Leoneans. He ended by admonishing Sierra Leoneans traveling to China to always make their presence known by the Embassy as the Embassy is there to effectively represent their interest and that of Government.

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