“What Happened to the SLPP – S/L Embassy Demonstration on 03-27-15?”

“What Happened to the SLPP – S/L Embassy Demonstration on 03-27-15?”

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By: Abdul Modie Kargbo – VA



Although spring is here and the cherry blossoms are gradually blooming in the nation’s capital of the United States – Washington DC. The weather is still showing off its might, temperatures are dropping to the low 30’s with occasional showers to disrupt any event or function scheduled, especially on a pre-weekend day like Friday the 27th of March, 2015.



The SLPP (Sierra Leone People’s Party) in the USA planned to notify Sierra Leone’s number one citizen in the US – The Ambassador of S/L to the USA – His Excellency Hon. Bockarie Kotu Stevens, that they (SLPP) are not going to accept the removal of the Vice President – Alhaji Samuel Sam Samuna from office by the sitting president – His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma who singularly selected the former as his running mate after consulting the hierarchy of the APC Party in the 2007 election and again in 2012 election, which they won convincingly on the first pooling.




The SLPP in the USA came out as they planned, to demonstrate at the S/L Embassy on 19th & R Street, NW Washington DC, on that cold and rainy Friday morning to demand the re-instatement of former VP – Alhaji Samuel Sam Samuna who they believe was unconstitutionally removed from his office. They (SLPP) want to talk to the president of S/L (EBK) through his representative in Washington. Their so-called members and sympathizers have been insulting our president, his mother and the entire APC clan, threatening another senseless war in Sierra Leone on social media outlets.




The 21st century APC Party do not resort to violence in resolving our differences on provocation by anyone, let alone the opposition party. We believe in the independent operation of the three branches of our government. The Legislative (The Parliamentarians) make our laws in parliament. The Executive (The President) carries out these laws, and the Judiciary (The Courts) interpret the laws according to the constitution. Any breach of the law MUST be handled by the judicial system who are trained to do so with civility and deep knowledge, not by the barrel of the gun or fist fighting as our friends in the opposition are teasing us to do.


Our (APC Party) counter demonstration to the SLPP’s at the S/L Embassy in Washington DC on Friday March 27, 2015 was hastily put together and led by our interim soft spoken chairman of the APC-USA Branch, Hon Ibrahim Sanpha Kamara and APC-WMC President – Ms Beatrice Baby Conteh. A text message was sent out Thursday night informing members in the nation’s capital about the intentions of the opposition. We (APC-USA) showed up unannounced, and to the amazement of the opposition who planned their demonstration. We out-numbered them and in the embassy compound before them. Their placards cannot be displayed because we had twice as much as them. It was a very good feeling despite the cold weather.


The pros & cons rally turned out to be a friendly gathering with smiles and pat on the back. The climax of both camps occurred after taking turns to see the ambassador who was very receptive and diplomatic accordingly. The SLPP members led by their audio/video anarchy instigator on social media – Alpha Saidu Bangura asked us (APC-USA) to join them in singing the national anthem. We respectfully declined to join them, and unanimously elected to sing the APC Victory song which loudly echoed on 19th & R Street in NW Washington DC to the amazement of the opposition, pedestrians and passing motorists.


We will meet again at another planned rally at the White House on Saturday April 11, 2015 @ 10:00 O’Clock in the morning organized by the opposition SLPP. (Den nor dae tire, en we sef nor go tire).


Calling on all APC-USA members to the nation’s capital on Saturday April 11, 2015 to counter SLPP’s Propaganda march to the White House.

Leh de word go round.


Long Live APC

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