What Sierra Leoneans feel about the military coup in neighboring Guinea



The current disaster in Guinea just reminded me the way our politics and development is run in Sierra Leone which if not changed would also end the same Way.

Former president Allpha CONDEH upon assuming power sacked all the FULLA’S and replaced them with his Mandingo and Susu family all in the name of securing his stay forgetting the fact that God is above all. Today he must have regretted it all.

Is like our new direction copied semilar ideology. Upon taken governance we all sow most of the people from the north the used to hold senior positions were sacked or retired forcefully all in the name of replacing them with his tribe’s men.

In Sierra Leone today all the reasons announced by the head of the military that has just taken power in Guinea is what we are undergoing in Sierra Leone which range from corruption, casualty, tribalism and many other things which we cannot control.

Any government that find pleasure in governing his subjects with malice, bad heart, division tribalism, sentiment, cannot succed. All that has happened in Mali and Guinea is a warning ⚠️ to other heads of State in AFRICA to lead their people with sanity and pure heart that can lead to development.

One if not the most significant concept dictators do forget is that we have people In the military that do love and pay homage to their country for in anything the put their country above everything else.

Today former president Dr. Earnest Bai Koroma is celebrating amongst many former heads of state that in their tenured ran their country like the way Sierra Leone is running today.

It is crystal clear that we have southerners and few from the east that replaced the northeners and westerners that have love for our country and most would work hard to ensure that our sweet country is safe.

The commission of inquiry is clear enough to understand that the system is here not to work for his people but to go after the other tribe all the name of fighting corruption. Sierra Leone is belonging to all of us.

I rest my Case here for you readers to understand and judge for your self.

Long live Sierra Leone.
Long live Kono.
Long live konomansa.


Guinea’s tribal divide could be their ultimate undoing. The two main tribes (Fulahs and Madingoes) seem to be dancing with the devil – one viewing the coup as a liberation from Conde’s dictatorship and other interpreting it as a well choreographed move to deny the other the Presidency by having one of their kinsmen at the helm and thus prolonging their political hegemony. This is plain stupid and foolhardy. I just want to be clear here: Alpha Conde was the ultimate disaster for Guinea. But his regime was prodded by the very guys who are now claiming to salvage the country – they committed some of most heinous crimes against their fellow compatriots. Until Guineans realize that they should close ranks and not play politics with this coup, they may as well end up emboldening these guys to overstay their usefulness. Open your eyes my people! Shed away your tribal bigotry. There’s an opportunity to define a New Guinea that is inclusive, progressive, and democratic. But don’t trust these khaki boys to deliver that aspiration on a silver platter. You’ve got to engage and hold their feet to the fire – a sacrifice that can’t afford tribal divide or selfish political maneuvering.



I Woke up this morning and saw these photos depicting coup in neighbouring Guinea. I have seen many people acclaiming the removal of the criminal and corrupt Alpha Conde, I hold a different view.

I dislike the way Alpha ran his country but how sure are you that these coup plotters have come to “save” or “unclinch” their populace from the grip of a useless government that entrenched itself through nepotism and divisive politics. The leader Colonel Dumbuya was a close aide to Conde and was one of those who killed, harrased and chased opposition members. He said he kicked Conde because of the rampant graft in the country , really? Is it now that this “crusader” realizes that Guinea is synonyms with corruption and bad governance? Is he not a beneficiary of loot and even supported and took part in it. Did he not side with a corrupt regime and protected it at a time when he should have stood by the people ? Where was the military when Conde altered the constitution and went for third term against the wish of his people.

Dadis Camara used the same popular slogan, but later became a killer and oprrssor. Very soon you will hear the good for nothing, useless and ballsless ECOWAS and AU coming out with a spineless press release condemning the coup. Where were they when Conde perpuated himself and became a bad example to the continent, infact they midwifed him to say the least. For all you know this is a calculated plan to maintain the status quo of tribal and regional hegemony. Guinea is still in the woods, and this socalled”take over” might have been hatched and planned by Alpha in order to have an exit and to continue the same tribal and corrupt politics.

This time the junta leader must not be allowed to metamophose to a civilian leader by removing his uniform. Why is it that every time the military has to come in not to defend the populace but to satisfy their ego, loot state resources, and hold on to power. Until we have institutions that serve the populace and not the government or a president who has violated the constitution, Africa will remain in misery and poverty.

Those African leaders who think they can rule their people as if we are in the 70s these photos of Conde should serve as a lesson, and your days are numbered. Now is the time for the Guineans to rise up, restore constitutionality and hold a clean election. The military is as corrupt as the Conde regime. Dumbuya must be pressured by the west to do the right thing because ECOWAS and AU are not fit for purpose, wait a minute! did I say the west when they themselves are followers of their interests, and full of double standards and hypocrisy. I just saw a Twitt by the UN boss calling for the release of Alpha, where was he when Conde was misbehaving and killing his people. Guineans the fight is yours trust no one this time.



The Army in Guinea 🇬🇳 i know have suspended the constitution, my suggestion to them is called all the members of Parliament, go through their voting records and see all those who voted to change the constitution from the two term limits to third term. They must be banned from participating in politics for considerable a very long time or even a life time ban. They’re all part of the problem. Had they all stood firm and say no, to Conde, the country wouldn’t have been in this mess in the first place. Our African politicians must be taught a hard lesson to know that legacy is better than fancy. They claimed to be the people’s representative but in reality, they’re not. Infact they should all be locked up alongside Conde.



So imagine if EBK would have had the courage to continue with his 3rd term agenda by abusing our constitution and bribing some parliamentarians to get his way… ECOWAS wouldn’t have condemned EBK, same way they didn’t condemn President Conde when he successfully did exactly the same thing in Guinea. Even his 3rd election was engulfed with irregularities & rigging, and his ECOWAS buddies couldn’t condemn the election.

And could you imagine if EBK had succeeded with his 3rd term quest illegitimately against the will of the people… and eventually warranting his overthrow. This same letter would have come from ECOWAS.

The very same leaders who do unconditional & illegitimate things against the will of their people are the ones who write or dictate the rules at ECOWAS. Just because the US is against coups, and ECOWAS is against coups, some corrupt African leaders now think they can do any unconventional stuff against their people without fear of retribution or overthrow.

President Alpha Conde has set a bad precedent in Africa. Hope the International community and ECOWAS can resolve this without allowing him to return to power.




Dear Colonel Mamady Dombuoya:

Rumour has it that a coup d’etat, of which was orchestrated by you and a few top-notch military personnels, has successfully reached it intended destination. I particularly do not and will never in any way support a coup of any type, form or nature. However, inasmuch as you have, through the media and other outlets, spew out the reasons for your coup, and they are somewhat worthy of asking a leader to relinquish his position so as to ensure a peaceful and smooth running of the country – l say Bravo!

Having exhausted that, by the by, l pray your intentions are as genuine as you stated. I hope, after the quagmire has been sorted out, you will call for a peaceful and democratic transition of power through a free, fair and credible election in the shortest time possible.

Lest l should remind you, Colonel, should your coup d’etat was influenced by opposition party, greed or selfishness, thirst for power and what have you, your corpse will be served as lunch to the vultures in no-distant-future.

Once again, felicitations!

Truly yours,
Mature Falana.

The coup in Guinea is a reminder of the mistake the African Union continues to make. They condemned coups but they don’t take actions by way of imposing sactions on leaders whose undemocratic actions — such as violation of human rights, oppression of the oppositions , corruption and corrupting the state institutions , rigged elections and changed constitution to stay in power. These are the precursors to military coups in Africa. Yankuba G Kai-Samba

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