Executives preach prosperity, positive attitude, patriotism, nationalism


Courtesy of ABC Communications Office : 

The Executives of the Attitudinal and Behavioural Change (ABC) Secretariat have delivered brilliant, educative and interesting lectures to public service workers at a one day workshop held at the Miatta Conference Hall in Freetown on Thursday 18th April 2013.

During one of the technical sessions in the workshop themed: working towards prosperity with positive attitude, the ABC Executive Director, Dr. Ivan Ajibola Thomas delivered a paper on ‘The relationship between positive attitude and prosperity’, while the National Coordinator and Second-in-Command, Nanette Thomas spoke on ‘The relationship between and among patriotism, nationalism and respect for the law’.


Dr. Ajibola Thomas, in his presentation, emphasized that the agenda for prosperity is not a political project but a constitutional mandate. The youths, he said, should serve as the engine for prosperity, as according to him, they are the productive base of the nation.

He said the barriers to prosperity include corruption, lack of transparency and accountability, lawlessness and indiscipline, non-compliance to code of conduct and lack of empathy among others.

Prosperity he said can only be sustained when the nation’s wealth is equitably distributed, when transparency and accountability come to play, when high performance in duty is recorded, when all and sundry put hands on deck for development, when freedoms and rights are upheld, when there is commitment and cooperation among the citizens.



In her lecture, National Coordinator and Second-in-Command of the ABC Secretariat, Nanette Thomas, highlighted various definitions for the word patriotism, among which she said, patriotism is a devotion to one’s country.

She described nationalism as ‘showing unconditional love for your country, and putting your country first or above personal interest. It means making sacrifices for your country, and being prepared and willing to defend your country at anytime and at all costs. It means showing loyalty and commitment to your country”.

Madam Thomas furthered that respect for the law is behaving in such a way that you act affirmatively to manifest and respect the law.

She said ‘unless you take control and set goals to shape your own life, circumstances will shape it for you’


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