After he completes his term, Sierra Leoneans will miss President Ernest Koroma with tears


MY passion for reading newspapers knows no bounds. I do not receive newspapers from Sierra Leone alone. I receive newspapers from many other African countries through contacts by friends who are in the diplomatic service.

One trend I have observed long ago is that it is only in Sierra Leone that we commission new development projects so frequently, at lease every month. This shows that we have a very busy President and Government. Of course, when I read old Sierra Leone newspapers, I do not see the commissioning of development projects. Rare.



Whatever the mistakes or perfidy of some of the President’s ministers, one thing you cannot take from President Koroma’s Government is its penchant for delivering development projects. It is busy working for the people, constructing new roads, paving existing ones, building or refurbishing hospitals and schools and bringing up new initiatives to develop the quality of life of the people. This is the first time we are having a government that is delivering so many development projects at the same time.

You never miss the water until the well runs dry. People will miss President Koroma when his term of office expires. One day, some people will go back and start recalling everything some of us have been writing. If many Liberians can confess today that they miss Samuel Doe, how much more President Koroma , who is a zillion times better and more democratic than Doe. Human beings do not value anything until they lose it.



Yes, there are many Liberians confessing today that they miss Doe. I do not support them because I am an admirer and supporter of President Ellen Johnson -Sirleaf, who, to me, is a far better President than Doe. But I have to use the example of how many Liberians feel today to buttress my point that a time will come when many Sierra Leoneans will miss President Koroma with tears.

Some of the people you are supporting now will disappoint you direly .Some will become despots and dictators. Some will not try to develop the country as is now being done by President Koroma.

One thing that is gratifying is that President Koroma is unmoved by the ungratefulness of men. He knows that he is not perfect but he knows too that most of the people amplifying the mistakes of his ministers are motivated by partisan politics or are too desperate to come to power. The President therefore remains more determined to continue delivering development projects. He recently announced that the MAMMAMAH International Airport project will soon start. The President has many more development projects in the pipeline.

President Koroma believes that his development projects will be an enduring legacy and they will speak for him in generations yet to come.…/

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