ACC wades into Health Delivery system

As a means of increasing revenue collection in

Government hospitals, the Anti-Corruption Commission’s
Prevention Department is on a tour of the Northern
Province and Kono District, to conduct seminars on the
General Recommendations and Procedures for the Health
Delivery system.

This follows investigations into the
system, which examined the financial practices and
procedures as well as the administrative machinery of
various health institutions nationwide. The results of
these investigations were developed into a Best
Practice Guide produced by the ACC in collaboration
with the Ministry of Health and sanitation. Since
then, several seminars have been held in various
hospitals in the Western Area, Southern and Eastern
Province (with the exception of Kono District) to
explain the findings and recommendations in the Guide.

According to the ACC, this has led to an increase in
revenue collection in Government hospitals in the
Eastern and Southern Provinces. It is expected that
after the tour, which started on Friday 25th June, the
revenue generated in Government hospitals in these
areas will be considerably increased. The team is
expected back in Freetown in a fortnight.

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