ALERT ! ALERT ! Horrifying Terror In U.S. As 20 Children And 6 Adults Massacred In A School By Masked Gunman

 There has been a horrifying massacre  at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut where a masked gunman has allegedly massacred 20 kids and 6 adults in one of the worst  massacres in the country. The gunman killed himself and a dead body was also found in his home , making a total of 28 deaths.




TV stations early this morning started bringing out snippets of the story but at the time it was thought not to have been a very serious incident as it was reported that a principal had been shot in the foot and had been taken to the hospital while the  gunman had been killed. As time went on however , the macabre details started to emerge after it was known that a whole kindergarten class had been unaccounted for, after Police swat team stormed the school and shepherded the students to the safety of a nearby fire station.

There are devastation , sorrow and outrage across the U.S.  right now .

The news is still breaking and we will bring you more details.

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