APC heading for a landslide in 2012


With disunity, greed for power  and self-perpetuation hitting the largest opposition party, the Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP )  from all sides while President Ernest Koroma’s star remains in the ascendant  , it is becoming certain that the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) is heading for a landslide victory in the 2012 Presidential and Legislative Elections. The grateful people of Sierra Leone, seeing how much President Koroma is accomplishing, will definitely reward him with a second term in 2012. Also, if  while they were in power and the APC had just resurrected from decades of imposed eclipse ,the SLPP  could not defeat the APC in the 2007 elections, it is very difficult to see how the SLPP  will do it in 2012 , with the APC Government continuing to win hearts in Sierra Leone and the international community, thanks to the progressive and productive leadership of President Ernest Bai Koroma.


Last weekend, a key SLPP Financier and fanatic, who had gone on a visit to Sierra Leone , graciously confessed to our Assistant Editor-In-Chief Jacob Sax-Conteh that President Koroma is doing a massive job in Sierra Leone and the socio-economic and political developments in the country are visible. He is not the only person coming to the diaspora with good news about the good things happening in Sierra Leone.Before even no less a person than the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, visited Sierra Leone and returned to New York singing praises for the leadership of President Ernest Bai Koroma , many Sierra Leoneans and Nigerians had returned with glowing praises for the President and his government for the great things they saw happening in Sierra Leone. Some people met me and congratulate me for working for a government that is really doing well in Sierra Leone . “Una Government dey try O. Ah go Salone for two weeks recently.Tay ah cam ah geh light .En dem dey fix the roads dem. Salone don begin fine back O ”  (“The government you are serving is doing a great job. I went to Sierra Leone recently for two weeks.I had electricity throughout my stay .And the roads are being fixed .Sierra Leone is beginning to look more beatiful once again ” ). This statement was made by a lady called Jariatu.


It is not that there are no longer any more problems in Sierra Leone.It would be naive for any opposition party supporter to expect us to say that.The global economic meltdown is affecting Sierra Leone in the same fashion that it is wreaking havoc even in America and the industrialized countries. The other day I bought a king-sized bed for my bedroom. Many years back, when I went on the market to get a similar bed, I had a beautiful, stadium-sized one (Hyperbole ) for U.S. $900 from Macy’s .  It was the quintessence of capentry. Last weekend , when I went to the same Macy’s with only a slight amount over the $900 I had spent years back,I was stunned to find out that the price has gone through the roof and the lowest that one could pay for a decent bed is $4,000 and that did not include the mattress and box springs. Prices of food and basic commodities have trottled even in a country like the United States. While  $100 used to get one  a lot of foodstuffs years back in the grocery store in the U.S, today it is child’s play to take the same amount to the grocery store to get food for the family . Therefore , it is not only Sierra Leone that is facing economic hardships as a result of the global economic downturn. Every country is feeling the pinch .The opposition SLPP  would not have done any better in power. Polls appearing in certain newspapers highlighting what the newspapers state their readers said about the economy are therefore sheer nonsense.

However, while Sierra Leone remains vulnerable  to the ravages of the world economic disorder, the country is blessed that she has a President at State House presently who is doing everything legitimate to advance the cause of economic recovery and socio-political development in Sierra Leone. He has only been in power for three years but in this short time President Koroma has done far more for Sierra Leone than the SLPP  did in 11 years. Today, Sierra Leone has a top-of-the-art hydroelectricity Dam , which is providing power to the nation , while the Second Phase is in the works. As the Minister of Information, Hon. I.B. Kargbo told the nation in an exclusive interview with COCORIOKO , other mini-hydro electricity projects are being launched by the government . President Koroma’s road construction program is one one the best in West Africa. All the basic freedoms once denied Sierra Leoneans have been restored by President Koroma and today Sierra Leone is one of the only nations in Africa without political prisoners. Newspapers are mushrooming and journalists have never had it so good. They write whatever they want against President Koroma, his ministers and government and no media personnel has been subjected to any harassment as a result of what is published.

President Koroma’s concern for the welfare of the people saw him recently launch the free health care scheme for lactating and pregnant mothers and children under five. The President followed it up last weekend by performing the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of housing projects in Bo.

The 2012 Presidential and Legislative Elections will be determined by President Koroma’s stewardship to the nation and the concrete socio-economic and political development Sierra Leoneans will benefit from as a result of the productive and inspiring leadership of Ppresident Koroma. Sierra Leone are not fools. Come 2012, they will determine that it is better the President they have whose progressive leadership they have evidence of than some painted devil being passed off as an angel, who might be nothing but another cancerworm to progress in the nation. The people of Sierra Leone , the market women, the traders,  the farmers, the taxi-drivers, the poda-poda and okada drivers, the teachers , the professionals, the youths  and the ordinary men and women in the street will determine who wins the 2012 elections and by dint of the changes he is effecting throughout the country, President Koroma will receive their votes and as Mr. Victor Foh predicted recently, he will win by a landslide.

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  1. Joseph SesayJuly 16, 2010Edit

    Dear Rev, Kab,
    I have been one of your admirer of recent times.However, i want to state that sierra leone politics goes beyond mere talking, but concrete result oriented activities.While Pa, Koroma is doing everything possible to salvage the plight of his subject he has moles in his cabinet like the Dr Bah of Education who is frustrating the effort of H.E.The plight of over Sixty Masters and PhD students in china that is been negleted by our APC government need serrious attention especially when Pa Koroma himself pledged to the students now in two seperate occassion with the most recent one at Shangai were i was told he asked for the list himself and it was handed to him with no action need some consideration.What Pa Ernest may not know Dr ensured that his younger brother Alphajoh Bah who is presently in Harbin inChina had his award thru the ministry of Edu quota so he doesnt care what embarassment H.E. faces.I believe those of you who are sober actors should remind H.E. that what ever pronouncement he makes is a policy statement, and so for his minister to flout that is like anaffront to his authority.Therefore, for 2012 to be a landslide victory, some of these issues should be addressed.Thanks
    Joseph P.R.China


  2. “Bra Ernest continue for do the good wok we proud of you because you also make we all proud as Sierra Leoneans them GOD Bless U . God Bless Sa Lone “


  3. Osman T. SesayJuly 18, 2010Edit

    Rev. I hundred percent support you. May God continue to lead our nation in peace- Amen. Alimghty and the people of Sierra Leone had made good choice by selecting president Koroma. We pray for him to continue his good work.-Osman


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