APC Veterans Congratulate President Koroma

By Daniel Mbompa-Turay:


APC Veterans Welfare Association has congratulated President Koroma on his first round   victory in the November 17 presidential polls.  According to the West West Ag. Chairman  of the APC  who doubles as Interim President of the  Veterans Association, the  general membership of Association salutes the President for his visionary leadership which has brought  great hopes to  Sierra Leoneans. President Koroma progressive leadership has been evident by the  massive electricity supply with special interest on rural electrification; the unprecedented infrastructural development which is creating increase mobility from one district  to the other  stretching across  the West Africa Sub-region; the improved agricultural productivity which is not only enhancing food security but also catapulting farmers as leaders in the private sector led growth; the cherished free health care that has drastically reduced infant and  maternal morbidity;  the building of donor confidence which has produced millions in direct foreign investment; and the reviewed educational system which ensures quality education with emphasis on turning out graduates who can effectively compete in the global job market, etc.




Thomas Conteh a.k.a ‘Tongbeh Tongbeh’ Interim President of APC Veterans

The interim president opined that the   decision  of Sierra Leoneans to vote in President Koroma   revealed  that their  satisfaction  with his first term , hence giving him  another. The determination of citizens  to vote he reckoned was ignited by  government   practical and visible developmental strides  in the last five years. He continued   that the 21% difference between President Koroma   58% and Bio 37%  is a testament of the deep appreciation of citizens to the Presidents’  golden effort. His huge votes in every region established his popularity right across the country.


We were not surprised at the result because we had the registration figures which we had carefully analysed practically. We have competent tallying teams in our party offices right across the country  and so by 11:00 PM on polling day our teams has confirmed that President Koroma has won landslide. This was confirmed by the provisional results by IRN. Behold, on a cool Friday evening NEC boss Dr.  Christiana Thorpe finally pronounced President Koroma  winner of the elections with 58%,  passing the  55% threshold.


The politican veteran assured the people of Sierra Leone that President Koroma will not betray the trust bestowed on him. He continued that the Presidents’ agenda for change has laid the solid foundation for the growth of the country into a middle income nation which is the embodiment of the agenda for prosperity.  Every Sierra Leonean will benefit from this  national package.


Tongbeh Tongbeh thanked the youths and women for their great faith in the President even as they nicked name him “World Best”.  He noted that the President sees the youths as the greatest resource of this country and he is determined to make them discover their potential and excel in their diver spheres.

He thanked  all APC veterans for their invaluable support to the Presidents’ victory and call all to give him all the necessary support so that his second term will be more successful.

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