Army Spokesman in trouble with President Bio for Saying that ECOMOG arrived to defend Sierra Leone’s democracy

By Abu Shaw

In Sierra Leone, saying the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is a capital offence under the barbaric SLPP regime of Maada Bio. And this horror is escalating.

Many innocent citizens who are fierce critics of Maada Bio have been killed. This terrible fact has become the norm in Sierra Leone since April 4, 2018 when Maada Bio took power. As a result, today the latest victim of speaking the truth is the Army Spokesman Colonel Issa Bangura whose life is now in serious danger. His only crime is because he came out publicly to tell Sierra Leoneans that the ECOMOG troops who have started arriving are here to defend democracy and the people of Sierra Leone. The Army spokesperson would be killed if he is arrested by Bio’s thugs. (Photo: ECOMOG soldiers start arriving to protect Sierra Leone’s democracy).


And by extension, it means the protection of the recommendations expected from the Tripartite Investigation Committee. Meanwhile, the APC media bloggers are at risk of arrest and detention by SLPP brutes, latest reports say. On Tuesday, May 21, 2024, immediately after pictures of ECOMOG soldiers went viral on social media forums thereby leaving most Sierra Leoneans confused what was really going on, the Army Spokesman of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces came on air to clear the air. Live on a recorded video footage, he explained the purpose of the ECOMOG soldiers in Sierra Leone and further noted that they are in the country to protect the people of Sierra Leone and most importantly to defend democracy. The Army spokesperson would be killed if he is arrested by Bio’s thugs.

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