Saturday September 10, 2005 

First_Name:  Kadie Kadie
Last_Name:  Kamara
Address:  U.K
Comments:  I am a concerned citizen of Sierra Leone and am praying for A.P.C to win the upcoming election. I hope the Election will be a fair Election this time around.

We need a strong candidate who truly cares about the welfare and the feeling of the people of Sierra Leone. We need a strong, ambitious, well matured, and not evil blood killers like N.P.R.C. I prayed for the Almighty God to give wisdom, and strength to the A.P.C candidate. I am strongly a strong supporter of A.P.C.

 First and foremost, this so called blood killers which is N.P.R.C, killed our brothers and sisters without justisfication. Our innocent family were killed innocently without any proof. May the Almighty God punished and this ignorant, opportunist evil blood killers like Maada Bio, Tom Nyuma, and Taqi, to name a few. Anything a man soweth so shall he reap. Maada Bio, your ass should be inprisioned for the wrong thing u did December 29, 1992. To hell with u guys, and may u guys be puinished, and may ur unborn kids be cursed and be punished. I love A.P.C, and i will always do.

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