Leader of Northern Group of SLPP condemns the bogus party elections in the UK

The leader of the northern group within the SLPP, Mr Abdul Kargbo Jr has condemned in no uncertain terms the undemocratic and unpatriotic attempt at conducting Branch elections as a systematic ploy marred by discrimination to deliberately disenfranchised majority of party faithful.

Mr Kargbo said, the SLPP is a broad-church which should reflect all shades of opinion, therefore any attempt by a vocal minority to imposed their will on the silence majority will lead to the break of the branch into factions.Mr Kargbo emphasized the need for modalities to be put into place which will ensure free, fair and open elections.”As things stand at the moment we will not recognize Tamba Lamina under any circumstances.Mr Kargbo expressed his dismay by condemning the shameful methods that were used to high Nigerian thugs to denied access and entry into the hall of the chairman and majority of party faithfuls.
Mr Kargbo reintereted that the elections lacks the legitimacy and does not represent in any acceptable manner the true wishes of majority of party supporters in the UK.It seems as if we have still not learned some of the crucial reasons why we went into war in the first place.
Meanwhile plans are in the final stages for a meeting scheduled for Saturday by party supporters who will formally sign a petition condemning the “bogus and flawed ” elections and demanding a be free fair and open election

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