By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia


My fellow Sierra Leoneans and none Sierra Leoneans, please I would like you to join me in saying  goodbye to 2016 and  to thank my maker, God Almighty. Who is also the creator of both Heaven and Earth, particular for being my most qualified and perfect sailor throughout the year 2016-2017.


The fact is some of us who do  believe that there is a true living God that does everything in this universe, we always like to thank him for whatever he does for us. Whether big or small. Therefore,even in good  times and bad times we are always ready and willing to say thank you pa pa God, (Father God) especially for enabled us see another day or year with sound mind and sound health.


Therefore, according to His two Holy Books, the Bible and the Quran, he tells us to always put Him first in our daily activities and say thanks to him. Regardless of whatever circumstances that we may find ourselves. Whether good or bad, especially during the process of our being on earth.

Through His divine power he allows others to be happy throughout or halfway the year 2016. While at the same time he makes others to become sad and traumatised, especially at the end of the year.


Because he makes things to happen  or allow them to take place the  way he wants them to be or looks like. Whether human beings like that or not he always does what he wants. For the fact that our immorality, selfish, greedy, tribal and regional ugly ways are not of his.


Therefore, saying thanks to God and praising him for the good things he has done and still doing for us is a sign of being grateful to him, particularly for his great work on earth that we are freely enjoying including nature. The reason being he, God hates ungratefulness. In view of that he hates ungrateful people on earth.


In view of that he wants us to always be grateful to our fellow man and woman, especially for whatever big or small things they do for us. Therefore, I must say thank you my editors and publishers of my writings. And to my thousands of readers of my articles both home and abroad, particularly those who really enjoy reading my writings.


To those who may not enjoy reading my writings, I encourage you to please increase your apatite of reading my articles and stories. Despite some of them may be too acidic for you. The fact is most of my writings are not like eating bread and butter or honey always. But surely enough if you continue to read  them, you will definitely going to derive a bit of pleasure that will make you  increase your interest of reading my articles and stories.


I will also like to give thanks to our decent, honest and gallant state security men and women, including the police and the military,  especially for their being patriotic and nationalistic custodian of our beloved country’s peace which is Sierra Leone. The land that we all love. Therefore, we pledged our love and loyalty to it. In view of that we should always put it first in our daily activities because it is bigger than any political party or any one of us.


To our peace and development loving Sierra Leoneans I say thank you for always being in the forefront to defend our God given golden peace in the country. Please let us don’t relent in pursuing our true course as patriotic and nationalistic Sierra Leoneans, especially in fighting against enemies of peace and development in our beloved Sierra Leone. God will richly bless us in diverse ways for the free sacrifices that we are making, particularly for the safety and well being of our poor, powerless and defenceless people in the country.





And above all, I will like to give my unreserved  thanks to our hard working Head of State, President Ernest Bai Koroma, who have being the human sailor of the ship of the state from 2007-2017 and he is still in the driver’s seat of the state vehicle to take us to February 2018 to give us  his final school report card.


May God Almighty continue to guide and protect him as he continue to sail with us, particularly during the crossing of the pending heavy storm of 2017 to February 2018. We pray that our path continue to be smooth throughout our journey to February 2018 and beyond.


In view of that may God of Heaven continue to expose our enemies of precious golden peace and development that our poor, powerless and defenceless masses are currently enjoying in the country. Particularly those who may want to destroy such hard earned peace for selfish political, tribal interest and regional sentiment.


Thank you 2016 for keeping me safe and sound with my family, relatives friends and loved ones throughout your wonderful period. I say goodbye to you.



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