Religious leaders in Somerset call for unity as New Jersey mourns again

condolences (1)Religious leaders in Somerset,New Jersey have called for more unity in the society  as the community  once again mourns another sad loss  of one of its residents. During the Reading of the Quoran and prayer Ceremony for  the late Mr. Brima Bangura ( BB) at the Jamaatul Haq Masjid last night, muslim leaders and  a christian minister admonished members of the community to continue  praying for the community ,  love each other and  remain united.

The program, attended by a large number of muslims and christians , was officiated by the senior Imam, Alhaji Abdallah Savage and his deputy Alhaji Hassan Savage and moderated by Sheikh Ballah. Present also were muslim leaders who helped read the quoran and pray. The Rev. Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu, Co-Pastor of the Covenant Child World Ministries , was also present and  delivered a statement of consolation and admonition to the family of the late Brima Bangura and the hurting community , which has witnessed many shocking deaths in the pace of 12 months .

Alhajis Abdallah and Hassan Savage both paid tribute to the late BB whom they praised in separate statements for his humility and respect for other people. They both traced the late man’s past to his childhood and said that not many people could recall instances when BB  quarelled with anyone or overtly disrespected somebody. They asked other muslims to emulate BB ,stressing that any good muslim is humble and respects and loves other people. They both  condemned backbiting , infighting and disunity in the community.

They warned the congregation about the inevitability of death and advised everybody to conduct themselves in a manner that would  help them achieve Arijana when they die.

The Rev. Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu consoled the community for yet another death and admonished members of the community to be united and to love and respect one  other. He said that Sierra Leone is a very unique country where muslims and christians live together in unity. Unlike other countries where religion divides the society, in Sierra Leone, religion unites the society and holds the country together. He said that the members of the community who have passed away died because it is appointed unto  man once to die and after that the judgement. He stressed the inevitability of death and advised community members to live lives pleasing to God. He thanked Alhaji Savage and other muslim leaders as well as christians ministers for continuing to unite the community and give it hope.

Rev. Kabs-Kanu described BB as one of the most humble, respectful and friendly persons he has met in his life and expressed his condolence to his wife, Haja Tamu Bangura and to all members of the family and the community . He advised the community to continue to have faith in God in the face of these deaths hitting New Jersey every now and again.

Mr. Brima Bangura was a socialite and community man, as well as  muslim. He was also a staunch member of the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ).

He will be buried tomorrow.

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