Sierra Leoneans in the United States to honor former Ambassador John Leigh


Press Release:

 Sunday April 30, 2006

 In celebration of the 45th Independence Anniversary of Sierra Leone’s Independence from Great Britain, members of the Sierra Leone Community Association in Chicago will honor Mr. John Ernest Leigh, former Sierra Leone Ambassador to the United States of America by awarding him the association’s highest honor:

 The Distinguish Public Service Award.

 In announcing the Award recently, Mr. Alie Kabba the Association’s President, declared that the Distinguished Service Award to Mr. Leigh is a very special honor in recognition of Mr. Leigh’s exemplary leadership, honesty and patriotism in the service of Sierra Leone.

 In a letter to Mr. Leigh, Mr. Kabba stated that “as Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the United States, your passionate commitment to the noble mission of public service as an instrument for positive change inspired many Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad in our collective yearning for a new Sierra Leone. 

 “Without doubt”, Mr. Kabba stated, “your inside work within all branches of the United States Government, your tireless outreach efforts and your impeccable use of mainstream media during your tenure as ambassador brought honor and respect to our country and persuaded the American Government to intervene, not only to terminate the reign of the AFRC/RUF Junta but also to restore the duly elected government back to power in Freetown as well as support the United Nations peacemaking efforts in our country.”

 The Award will be presented to Mr. Leigh in Chicago, State of Illinois on Saturday, April 29, 2006 during the Association’s Annual Banquet.Mayor Daley of Chicago is issuing a Proclamation to declare April 27, 2006 as SIERRA LEONE NATIONAL DAY.   The Governor of the State of ILLINOIS is also expected to issue a similar Proclamation.


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