It is time to wage war against tribalism and regionalism promoters


By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia

The promoters of tribalism and regionalism sentiments are enemies of the poor innocent, powerless and defenceless people in the country. Just like how unpatriotic fake or evil ghost journalists are enemies of the nation’s hard earned peace.  Therefore, my Sierra Leonean readers and my worldwide readers, I would like to remind you in connection with the promise I made some time ago. That close to the parliamentary and presidential elections in the country, I would like to wage war against enemies of peace, unity and development in the county. As I did during the 2012 general elections together with some of the peace oriented Sierra Leoneans both home and abroad.

The reason being, it is the time when those who always think the country is belongs to them will become sleepless.  To ensure that if they are not in control our people should not enjoy peace. In view of that, they will try to do all sorts of evil activities, including the inciting of political violence and war.


And it is also the  time when they will publish all forms of fake news, fake articles, fake photos, fake video clips like that of the so-called Zainab, “lie, lie” Belgium Sierra Leoneans  deportation order issue in the internet  to disrupt the hard earned peace. For self-seeking destructive political interest.  Because they lack tangible thinks to show to the common Sierra Leoneans in the country, as such, they will prefer to use the philosophy of divide and rule through the process of promoting tribalism and regional extremism, at the expense of the suffering people that will have to bear the brunt of such unwarranted behaviour.

However, I alone cannot do the fighting without the support of my fellow patriotic and nationalistic peace and development loving Sierra Leoneans. Therefore, I would like to encourage all my brothers and sisters’ Sierra Leoneans, especially the peace, progress and development oriented Sierra Leoneans to join my peace campaign electronic train as they did in 2012 general elections to protect the lives of our poor masses in the country. By exposing the evil planers and to educate our people about such devil incarnations Sierra Leoneans in and out of the country. The fact is, if we do not have any good thing/s to give them (our poor people) to make them happy, to make them  live with  easy going lives, we should give them peace of mind by avoid doing things that will destroy our precious golden peace in the country that will lead them into another more suffering. As I used to say, peace is a precious commodity. Therefore, we should not allow it to slip from us for any unpatriotic self-seeking political interest politicians.

The reason being, if our poor people are in peace, they will go to the market to buy and sell to earn their daily living with their children, they will go to their rice farms, cassava farms, cocoa farms to harvest and plants to earn their living, regardless of what type of austerity, they will still live happy because they have hope. But when there is violence or war in the country, no one will dare go out to do things that will earn them a living with their children and family. While the very satanic wicked unpatriotic politicians that may cause the problem for them will quickly run to Guinean, Liberian, Ghana, Asia, Australia, Europe and America for the safety of their lives and children. Leaving them the (poor people) on fire, burning their houses, villages and towns. As they did during Foday Sankoh and his Libya Green Book lieutenants that currently parading and parroting as flag bearers.

During that unforgettable horrific historic period, our poor people lived in the bushes with snakes, with dangerous animals and searched for all sorts of rotten foods to eat. Burning their own houses, towns and villages while their kith and kin they were trying to please or satisfy living comfortably abroad with their children and family enjoying. What type of silly mistake that was done by our people? Please this time around, do not attempt to do such mistake again in your lives for the sake of your children. In view of that, you should not allow the desperate political power hungry and thirsty to disrupt the peace that bind you together. By trying to use their crude political instruments to divide you through the use of tribal and regional lines for their personal political gains.

Therefore, we as peace, unity progress and development promoters and defenders, we should not allow the self-seeking greedy politicians to make our people start to run here and there again for the safety of their lives and those of their children, family and relatives. The fact is, as long as there is peace in the country, they will manage to live with their poverty. As our people used to say “free poo, e-bette pas tight jentry”. Instead they have riches that will give them sleepless night they prefer to live with poverty with peace of mind. Or instead of living in the country with war situation, they prefer to live with austerity in the country with perfect peace that will enable their children go to school and they will go to their market, business places and farms to make their living.

Therefore, violence, war and military rule are not the answers to our country multifaceted problems, because we have tried violence in 1977, war in 1991 and military rules led the list. The country’s problems are still visible. In view of that, violence, war and military rule can only put us more backward instead of forward. In view of that, we need peace and round table discussion to settle our differences if there is any, instead of using guns and bullets that will not benefit us in any way. As a result, we the peace, unity, progress and development loving Sierra Leoneans should stand up now, and shout before we will late. The reason being, the elections are around the corner waiting. Therefore, the time is now to shout and to educate our poor people not to allow unpatriotic politicians to brainwash them with tribal and regional waters at their own expense.

The hard fact is, the AK47 bullets and Kamajor bullets will not know who is an APC supporter and who is SLPP supporter or sympathisers. Therefore, as long as the bullets are let out or being let out from their guns, whether you put on RED or GREEN colour they will kill any individual or group that they will meet. So please let us educate our poor masses seriously on this issue. Not to encourage any form of violence or war like activities in the country. If they do, they will be the victims tomorrow.

Anyway President EBK before you leave office, please don’t forget about our poor suffering people at Yeaga, Guinea border and the Mammamah International Airport project issue.









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