Blind, deaf and dumb zealots : They will not see progress even if you gave them magnifying glasses

One thing that is very nauseating about some of our Sierra Leonean people –even those who lay claim to learning – is that they come across as such blind and deaf political zealots that they will not see progress even if you handed them magnifying glasses, ONCE THE PROVIDER OF PROGRESS IS NOT THE SLPP .

And that is because they have chosen to be  deliberately blind and deaf .

At times, it is better to leave them to their wiles. But for the sake of our gullible public, we will not get tired addressing the blindness and deafness to reality .



A  man feigning sleep is the most difficult to wake up. So is the man who has deliberately decided to be blind and deaf .  He will see only what he wants to see. A man convinced against his will is unconvinced still.

That is the mentality  of many Sierra Leoneans and  the bitter and consistent critics of the President Ernest Koroma Government , in spite of all their education;  they only see what they want to see. They only acknowledge what they want to acknowledge.

They see all the socio-economic and political developments in the country since President Koroma came to power in 2007  but prefer to criticize and write off this government all the time as if it is doing nothing for the people. What is wrong is not the act of criticizing the President or his Government. All Presidents and governments do get criticized in a democracy. It is when President Koroma’s critics speak as if he has done nothing or is doing nil for the country that their comments lack substance or  credulity.

They see the state-of -art architecture and beautiful road network rapidly modernizing the face of the nation; they see or hear about the enabling environment President Koroma is creating  to make the agriculture sector the ‘engine’ for socio-economic growth and development through commercial agriculture prioritization via the Smallholder Commercialization Programme (SCP) and the National Sustainable Agricultural Development Programme (NSADP ); they see the one hundred and more buses this government has placed on our roads since it came to power ; they saw the introduction of the Free Health Care Initiative for pregnant women, lactating mothers and children under the age five in April of 2010; they hear the continuous forecast of the IMF and the World Bank about the growth of the Sierra Leone economy ; they see photos of the water supply networks government is weaving in the provinces . They see everything that the government is doing to improve the welfare of the people, but woe alas, when they talk, it is like blind and deaf men awakening from Rip Van Winkle-like slumber in some cave . They have not seen all these socio-economic and political developments. Or so they feign . Shame on them. They would rather post photos of slums and squalor.

Even the tasteless and discredited recording artist, Emerson,  who is a pawn in the hands of failed SLPP  politicians,  could afford to sing that all the government talks about are roads. If Emerson and the uncelebrated detractors of this government are not blind, deaf and dumb, how could  they fail to see all the progress mentioned above ? Who , in his right mind, with his integrity at stake, can say that all this government talks about are roads ? One has to be incurably blind and deaf to say so.

What these blind and deaf arm-chair critics should know is that they can never stop President Koroma from excelling. A man who has set his mind and horizon on excelling will never be stopped by Mickey Mouse-squeaky -voiced  critics.

Yesterday, President Ernest Koroma launched the Energy Revolution, which will ensure that everybody has electricity in Sierra Leone by 2025. As a matter of fact, President Koroma, a man with a proud heart and lofty goals , gave the nation this assurance yesterday : “Government has set concrete goals for 2017. As part of our recovery priorities, we have committed to double access to electricity from 125,000 to 250,000 households and before I leave office, all 149 chiefdoms will enjoy access to energy. ” This is the kind of news every Sierra Leoneans who loves his country likes to hear.

This is another big milestone in the history of our nation. And definitely, it is another monumental achievement by President Ernest Bai Koroma , among his other string of achievements , which include taking paved roads, affordable medical care, water supply and solar lights to the strongholds of the opposition SLPP.

Generations yet unborn will hail President Koroma for what he is doing for our nation.

Let his detractors continue to wallow in their joyless world of blind, deaf and dumb zealots.

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