Information Minister Alpha Kanu embarks on community mobilization to curb Ebola


Siraju Bah, 15th November, 2014:

The Minister of Information and Communications Hon. Alhaji Alpha Kanu has embarked on a community mobilization campaign in the Port Loko District to garner the much need support from the local people in the fight against Ebola in the district.

The Minister, over the weekend whilst on an assessment tour to the on-going constructions of holding centres across the district, held series of community meetings with the locals spurring stakeholders, especially the youth to endeavour to make utmost contribution to the fight against the virus.

Addressing stakeholders at the Port Loko District Council Hall, Hon. Alpha Kanu expressed sincere appreciation for the work of the Chiefs and other stakeholders in the district, noting that the fight against Ebola is the people’s fight and therefore, a national fight with the need for all stakeholders to come onboard to overcome all the challenges in the fight against the virus.

Whilst Inspiring the youth of Feredugu, the Hon. Minister encouraged the youth to take the fight seriously and urged them to help in the construction of the holding centre in their chiefdom so that the sick in their chiefdom will be removed from the various communities.

He noted that the virus is fragile and easy to eliminate but needed conscious effort to break the chain of transmission hence the need for holding centres to get the sick out of the communities for further medical attention. The Minister also further reminded his audience that they should refrain from touching the sick with their bare hands, burying their dead and encouraging them to call on the attention of the authorities to report any suspected case in their localities.

Whilst addressing key stakeholders at the Port Loko District Council, President Koroma, after listening to the various presentations, encouraged stakeholders to intensify their effort in the fight against the virus. He instructed the CEO of NERC and other key stakeholders to address the problems raised in the meeting and assured the people of his determined commitment in supporting them in the fight against the dreaded disease.

He urged the paramount Chiefs and their various local chiefs to implement the laws to the fullest saying that any chief that reneges from taking effective measures to the address the situation in their respective localities will be disciplined.

Whilst updating the president on the status of the fight in the district, Paramount Chiefs, Hon. Members of Parliament and councillors heaped praises of commendations on the Hon. Minister of Information and Communications for his relentless effort in leading the fight in the district and the leadership role he has been playing in providing holding centres in the various chiefdoms of the district.  They assured the President about the effectiveness of the various strategies they have implemented in the various chiefdoms noting that the number of cases in the district have reduced drastically.

Informing the President about the number of challenges they are face with, the Paramount Chiefs, Hon Members of parliament and the councilors of the district catalogued the numerous challenges they face that hinders the effectiveness in the fight against the disease ranging from lack of adequate supply for quarantine homes, late response the medics and the lack of holding centres to keep the number of suspected cases in the various communities.


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