It’s time to act to make a difference

Charles Bami Carr, LLB(Hons)Law, LLM in Business Law, Lecturer in Law @Westminster University

It is now time that every Sierra Leonean citizen start questioning ourselves about what we can do to improve standards in our blessed country, rather than condemning its current state.

Every Sierra Leonean citizen must examine their consciences to determine actions that will make our blessed Sierra Leone be proud. Those citizens in strategic positions of public offices and even private corporations have more to think about because most of them have contributed very little or, even nothing to improve standards in our country. They, the fortunitatis, have been using their high offices as opportunities to enrich themselves with funds entrusted in their care to undertake various developmental projects within the country. Some, together with their women friends, sometimes two or more, use the developmental funds to holidaying in Western Countries such as the United Kingdom and USA, just to demonstrate to their Sierra Leonean countrymen who are living abroad that they too can afford travelling to the Western World. Some, with insufficient funds to travel abroad, are engaged in local social activities, using trusted funds socialising daily in different bars and clubs throughout the country and also falling-in love with two or more ladies with whom they spend their unjust wealth. Consequently, officials waste vital funds which could have been used, wisely, for positive development projects in our country.

One thing we, Sierra Leoneans, must always consider is to continue to learn from our mistakes and be engaging in creative works to benefit our blessed country. Yes, the past may have been bleak but what have we been doing to improve standards in our country. Some people are always sabotaging national developments because of fear that with the advent of general progress in the nation, it could affect their kukujumukoo, i.e., stop their unjust enrichment activities.

Even, there have been strong rumours that some of the journalists in the country are involved in deceptions, blackmails and intimidations on some innocent citizens in authority. All these are hindrances to progress in the country. The journalists must come up with relevant stories that could be used to improve the national wealth.

Sierra Leone has had independence for over four decades, yet there have been no improvement in most of the basic utilities. Instead the country is moving backwards. The electricity supply has, for over twenty years, been very inconsistent. Water system in the country has gone worse that even now people are suffering, in creasing numbers, from waterborne diseases. The drainage system too has gone from bad to worse with smelly packed wastes used by malaria infected mosquitoes as breathing fields. People sometimes empty their bins in empty land sites, on the streets and even on the front of their neighbours’ houses. The health service, communication system and the roads have been in no better state. All these reckless deteriorations of our infrastructural systems are unhelpful to the well-being of the citizens.

Nonetheless, the Sierra Leonean citizens are not shying away from their unreasonable attitude, flamboyant life style and quest to spend unaffordableLeones. Therefore the country keeps plunging into deep, deep, deep unhealthy situation. Corruption, sabotaging and defaming is getting rampant throughout the social, political, economical and technological influences in the country.

Some citizens within the country are engaged in property racketeering/fraud. The racketeers are trespassing on plots of land owned by citizens who have been abroad for longer period of time and even those owned by individuals living within the country but cannot afford to develop their land sites. These fraudsters are preparing false documents with virtual intent to claiming ownership of other peoples’ property. There are also other deceptors who go to the extent of falsely claiming the houses being built by hard working Sierra Leoneans who are abroad. This is done after their investigations to find out that the building owners are living abroad. All these are done to intimidate the innocent citizens, who are contributing in a reasonable manner to developing the country, and claim some money from them in fear of not wanting to undertake lengthy litigation as they may not have time for that.

Practically, how can we continue running our country in an under-developed conditions? What do we benefit from that? Sierra Leoneans should now have realised the impacts of under-developments because neither the politicians, those in public and private authorities, nor ordinary citizens have ever benefited from the under-developments. Instead, we are all shamefully experiencing bitter deprival of the basics for human living.

Salone brothers and sisters, it is now time that we determine to move forward to normal peaceful and positive actions. Our farmers must go back to their farms and live the politicians to do what they are elected to do, i.e., to run the country democratically and fairly.

Our soldiers are to return to their barracks with their dignities held high as independent group of servicemen who are prepared to serve their country only for good causes.

The doctors are to be left to make use of their medical skills and be committed to rebuilding the Health Practices in the country. Similarly, the lawyers, engineers, accountants, economists and all others must find their roots and be committed to rebuilding a new Sierra Leone with the various institutions of the State. Then, we would, not only be able to serve our country with the utmost honesty and sincerity but also, build our nation strongly and improve standards within our country, Sierra Leone.

God bless Sierra Leone, God bless those in authorities and God bless the people.

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