Presidential Affairs Minister Arrested in Makeni…

By our correspondent

Dr. Shekou Sesay,current Minister of Presidential Affairs in the SLPP government with office at the Presidential lodge was arrested and later released in Makeni yesterday while heading for his home town, Kabala in the Koinadugu District.

According to the Local Unit Commander, Mr. Christopher John, the police received intelligence report which they acted on immediately Dr. Shekou Sesay emerged at Makeni, but ended up saying that nothing of police interest was discovered. “We found nothing of police interest so we released him to proceed with his journey” LUC John emphasized.

However, the explanation of the LUC appears to be different from eye witness account. Dr. Sesay was traveling with two military officers, a staff sergeant by the name of Conteh. B.S attached to the Wilberforce Battalion and private Conteh Ballah,and a civilian called Farrah Kamara with four political party’s T-shirt. The civilian Farrah Kamara claimed to be a student of the Milton Margai College of Education when he was apprehended.

When the vehicle was searched by police officers two riffles were discovered, SLRA6222 and SLRA 38794 with four magazines containing twenty bullets each with an addition of two empty magazines.

A UNDP vehicle with registration plate ADG 330 different from the license of the vehicle ACU 041 registered on the 31st January, 2007.

Mr. Kasho Cole, an employee of the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) in Makeni who learnt about the incident and the items discovered in the vehicle with fraudulent registration number plate expressed grave concern, saying that why should military officers be in the company of the Minister of Presidential Affairs contrary to the political party code of conduct.

As if the concern raised by the PPRC staff was not enough to instill fear into the youths at Makeni, journalists and youth organizations in the provincial town of Makeni and its environs are becoming very jittery with the prevailing situation and have equally expressed similar concerns.

When this press crosschecked with the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Brima Acha, he confirmed both the arrest and release of Dr. Sesay, stating that the military officers were provided to him by the Chief of Defense Staff, Brigadier Sam M,boma. When our reporter contacted the Chief of Defence Staff for comment one of his aides said he was at a meeting, but would return the call which he failed to do up to press time.

Mr. Acha Kamara said that the police are responsible to provide security for all Government Ministers and dignitaries “I don’t know why he was provided with military officers instead of police officers” Acha queried.

According to reporter Mbanga, when the arrest of Dr. Sesay was made yesterday afternoon, several telephone calls were made from state house by senior government officials urging his immediate release, but could not tell which of the government official made the calls. He however cited the telephone call from the office of the Inspector General of Police instructing junior police officers to release the government Minister. It is not known why the Presidential Affairs Minister was using vehicle with fake registration number plate and why the UNDP released one of its numerous vehicle to him.

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