RSLAF opens new Ebola Treatment Centre


Freetown, Sierra Leone, December 1, 2014 – The Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) has established a new Ebola Treatment Centre at the facilities of the 34 Military Hospital in Freetown.

The new treatment centre was officially opened this morning with the first batch of eight suspected and confirmed cases transferred from the Holding Centre of the 34 Military Hospital.

The Commanding Officer of the Joint Medical Unit (JMU) and Head of the 34 Military Hospital, Colonel Professor Foday Sahr said the treatment Centre would accommodate 40 suspected and confirmed Ebola patients at a time. He added that the centre would increase the availability of more bed facilities across the country and that the 40-bed facility would be entirely manned by RSLAF doctors and nurses.

The RSLAF Medical Professor further said the two medical doctors, who had been admitted with Ebola virus at the Hastings Treatment Centre, were “very stable”. Colonel Professor Sahr confirmed that Dr Konoyiema and Dr Komba Songu-M’briwa had been transferred from the Treatment Ward to the Convalescent or Recovery Ward Since last Saturday. Colonel Professor Sahr disclosed that the infected medical doctors would be discharged following their confirmation tests this week.

Giving the statistics of the cases at the Hastings Treatment Centre since its establishment on the 19 September, 2014, Colonel Professor Sahr said as at 29 November, 2014 585 patients had been admitted at the centre with 363 discharges and 155 deaths.

Contact: Captain Yayah Brima, Media Operations Cell, Headquarters, Joint Force Command, Cockerill Barracks, Freetown.

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