February 14, 2005



My Dear Kabs,

I was astounded and probably amused this morning as I read through comment supposedly made my by Sam Banya about Moijueh and John Leigh. Of the latter two, I probably have more admiration for ngor Moijueh since ngor Leigh cannot afford to stay put inFreetown and take up issues with Puaweei and others.

But, specifically to Ngor Sama. Here you go again Puaweei. Everyone knows that you’re a here-be all in national politics. Yesterday was APC now is SLPP. You never even spared the NPRC boys with your usual sterling performance at the National Lottery. Your first ministerial appointment under Tejan was botched in parliament because of that good old supplementary service at Lotto. Everyone knows that you’re a symbol of progressive backwardness in politics, have a notch for financial corruption, spin and everything that is wrong with the old mighty SLPP and its entire leadership. After joyously serving with the now ?everything wrong with Sa. Lone APC’ in various capacities what do you think we can expect from you and the likes of TJ and Solo.B. Nothing but absolute  corruption, and, with impunity too.  What is the talk about launching the ?Anti corruption strategy ‘nonsense. All we have heard from your advised Tejan kabbah is all but the same paper talk to fool people about how best things will be next tomorrow. All is just a sham and believe me none is going to listen this time.

Ngor Banya, please correct me if am wrong, but you seem to have a chronic nostalgia for your APC sunshine days. You’re always thinking of how to either exclude or eliminate sincere and hardworking political rivals. Anyone with honest way of thinking other than your crooked and malicious way of politics should be kicked out. So now after maneuvering TJ for nearly a decade of not only bad governance ,but the worst national economic index in every sphere of national life ,you’re now back at it again with ngor Solo.B What do Moijueh kakai had to cross check with you ,nothing for your correction really.  The only thing you may be eligible to lecture others on politics now is how to replicate the ekutay tactics of retaining power. So your machinery is hard at work writing party rules that could eliminate anyone you and Solo.B perceive a potential threat.

One thing I can state about people of your kind is that you think you will ever remain fooling everyone around with your long tall talk about party policies .Damm you, you’ve not an iota of regard for principles and policies. Tell me what has been your modest contribution to the national life since you left Nongowa for the APC party politics. Nothing besides blaming Pa. Shaki and others. yet you never resigned or declined a single appointment under that nefarious leadership. The only thing in your political resume under the TJ- solo B led SLPP is chorus singing of ?anything the pa says’. That is all .No wonder why under your political tutelage the President has performed so worst that he smells rubbish every where he go in Freetown. Everything Sa.Lone is going down okra lane. Nothing progressive stands. Despite being a medical Doctor, it’s under your party leadership and principal adviser to HE. that we’ve recorded the worst infant mortality rate, in total the worst on the UN WHO’s list, the worst child labor category, the least on the economic index and the least in everything besides corruption. So Puaweei tell me what is your stewardship to the people of Sierra Leonebesides nocturnal party rival elimination meetings, and how best to jail those who critique you and your government’s way of conducting the state of Affairs.

I really don’t know you much but one thing I can say without a single reservation are that you’re corrupt, divisive, backward and repressive. You and the TJ’s’ continue to deny financial corruption, but every single foreign diplomat has talked about it and the fourth estate (a section of society you hold in contempt because of what they write about your poor performances) continue to hammer it home to no avail. Tj deny that his government is corrupt, but at the last convocation up mount Aureole he spanned that; and these days most of his official speeches is replete with talk about corruption and you all continue the APC bashing. Who then is corrupt? It appears we need some soothsayers or lot of ?jinna musas’ to find out who is doing the corruption thing.

Anyway, my advice to you this time round is not to venture to maneuver the guiding principles of that party. And by the way when did you actually return to the SLPP and, without doctoring the pages, when did ngor Solo.B and his boss enlist in the party.

And one thing, you really have no focus other than playing pranks with the lives of so many patriots who sacrificed their lives to save the nation and especially the party. But the only spectacle in your focus these days is how to eliminate potential alternatives to your corrupt regime within the party in your unmasked effort to install Solo.B despite the fact that you all have nothing to show for your stewardship since your inception to power. During the rebel days all you did was to lie on the war. But thanks God, a tiger is always a tiger, even if it changes skin color or texture it still remained a tiger. That’s you ngor Banya .You do nothing but sit in the political angles and determine where the wind is blowing. But if you would like to reply to these facts, please start from your stewardship narrating for the public what you did at the lottery and why were you rejected by parliament on Kabbah’s first appointment in 1995, and who is really corrupt in Sierra Leone. For all of you continue to deny corruption labeling critiques as rumor mongers, liars,’ detractors and so on. But just how soon have all your ministers built mammoth palaces, sent almost all their children abroad. Tell me who is corrupt. Forget about misleading statements. At least the APC had a party HQ and you should actually bless the Margais for the office space though you seem to eliminate them from the party. But trust me the fight on.

Please tell us something better.  Lonta. The days of scaring cowards away from the party with phrases or otherwise is gone .Now is the time for reality check.  We should avoid the schematics and get down to the reality of it so that every Sierra Leonean will have a say in who can govern him/her and how. But much more holding people responsible for their poor performance at the helm of power.


Hashim K.Daboh



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