Something Got to Give: SLPP-Bio or APC-Kamara let Sierra Leoneans Know who the Winner is.

This is getting to be both absurd and dangerous. Run-off conducted on Saturday for just the presidential elections and a handful others. It’s Tuesday evening in Sierra Leone and perhaps morning or midday elsewhere. Still no results and both parties hyping up propaganda favoring their side. That both parties, in fact, had to be present at the NEC Headquarters while tallying were ongoing shows total distrust among Sierra Leoneans from top to bottom. Now, something got to give or else people will lose total confidence in the entire process itself.A system built on anarchy is now threatening unruliness throughout the land.

Parties putting out their own calculations as if it is the accurate data displays a complete disregard for the governing body, whose task is it to conduct elections and credibly certify winners. Come on Sierra Leoneans, Sierra Leone is totally broken. Claims and counter-claims, agreements, broken treaties, disdain for the other side, high voltage party lines, tribal sentiments, the accusation of foreign experts, etc. Sierra Leone did not get here by accident. Attempting to glue the scrappy pieces of the system back together without addressing how they were smashed (in the first place) only results in a major further brokenness.

Things cannot go on like this in Sierra Leone. From an election stalemate, it’s looking like a pent-up contempt for the other side. The pressure on Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad is getting to be too much. Sierra Leoneans must overcome the standoff. Whatever the outcome is, so let it be. Whoever the winner is, so let it be. If it’s the SLPP and Bio, so let it be-declare them the winner. If it is APC and Kamara, so let it be-pronounce them the winner. Do something and do it quickly. The world doesn’t have time to fool with us.Sierra Leone is on the verge of being labeled a political rogue nation.

Soon, unless something is done the international community supporting us will take their bow and vacate in large numbers. It is heartbroken watching Sierra Leone stray off the main pathway into an uncharted track. Mr. President, the pressure is mounting on Sierra Leoneans. Mr. NEC Chairman stand-up like a fearless son from the Lion Mountain and loudly roar the accurate results. Act now and act fast or else the Land that we Love will again become the Land we no longer love. Something got to give or else bloodshed lies a few days ahead. Something must give to maintain stability in the nation. Bio or Kamara announce the winner. It’s the democratic right of the people, so give it to them.


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