The curse of the party-state : Why African governments conceal vital information from their people



By kabs kanu

IN Africa, governance systems operate around tje political party. Given tbe prevalence of party states in the continent, political values are allocated from political party perspectives. The world of governance is perceived through the prisms of party politics.

African political parties are always embroiled and locked in bitter rivalries for power and once in governanance, a political party tries to position itself in an inassailable trajectory .The ruling political party will do everything to expand its domain and spheres of influence and control in the nation. It will block access to any opportunities the opposition parties would need to come back to power , whether legitimately or illegitimately.



Since the SLPP came to power last year, all we have witnessed is a running battle between them and the main opposition , APC. Governance has been more about thwarting the APC than the pursuit of national values and provrams.

The SLPP government has done well in the education sector, as well as keeping the city clean and reviving sporting activities . I would have given them plaudits in the fight against corruption if the effort had not been lopsided and more directed at the opposition and citizens from one part of the country. These are national concerns and we wish the government had concentrated more on them. But this is the curse of Africa . Governance is more about perpetrating party and ethnoregional dominance.

Therefore, when critical matters emerge, they are not viewed from the national perspectives. Decisions and solutions are not made based on national and universal values but on what best suits the political party. This is the main reason the SLPP is concealing the real reasons for the unexplained absence of President Bio . The SLPP government thinks it will grant undue advantage tk the APC if they tell the truth. They fail to realize that they are governing a nation, which desrves to know what is happening to the President.

The government only decided to speak after rumours and undesirable speculation had done their rounds in the nation and social media. Even then , the statements were more designed to belittle political opponents than provide a satisfactory explanation that will put the people’s mind at ease.

The curse of the party state is respinsible for the socioeconomic and political backwardness of Africa.

Africa will only advance and take its rightful place in the comity of nations if a new system of non- political party rule is derived. Head of State, General Kutu Acheampong tried to introduce it in Ghana in 1972 in the form of a union goverment that utilized every sector of the society on non- political and non- partisan basis. He was overhrown before he realized his dream.

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