President Koroma’s Priorities at Work!*

President Koroma’s Priorities at Work!*

Ebola Survivors’ Spokesman Daddy Hassan Kamara who also doubles as Orphans Coordinator for SLAES shown as he boards the boat for Lungi to take his plane ride to Geneva. It is being worked out for Daddy Hassan Kamara to also go to pay a visit to the EU Headquarters in Brussels.

Meanwhile, Survivors’ President Yusuf Kabba will very shortly also fly out of Sierra Leone for a trip to the United States of America where he is going to share a panel with distinguished personalities at Harvard University. Yusuf Kabba will also be at the United Nations, the White House, State Department, the NIH, the CDC amongst others.


President Koroma has declared all Ebola Survivors as heroes and heroines. These heroic citizens will be taking the message of the post Ebola priority needs of Ebola Survivors, Orphans and Widows to a wider audience.

We wish them very well.
Bon Voyage heroes!


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