Sierra Leoneans lambast President Bio and SLPP Government for economic hardship and now useless currency

Cost of living has gone through the roof ; the national currency, the Leone , has fallen dangerously in the market, with the exchange rate now Le 1 million to a  U.S.  dollar. Money is not circulating in the country and even traders , market women and retailers are crying everywhere business is slow.
When the Minister of Finance, Mr. J.J. Saffa was interviewed by the media yesterday, he said he did not know the exchange rate of the Leone to the dollar and this further angered the people of Sierra Leone. How would a whole Finance Minister say he does not know the latest exchange rate, when he should be on top of it ?
Mamu Al Conteh
It’s like the SLPP are carrying out an economic genocide on citizens. This government is, clueless, hopeless, brainless and dickless.



President Bio and his cabal “government” are indeed some square pegs that are been forcefully placed in round holes.
imagine their tenure in office which is which is almost 2years and it has now brought more hardship into the life’s of the ordinary man i mean the citizens of this land.
A man who cannot take care of his own home properly what else can be expected of him? Poor leadership i guess!
Now many of those that called themselves party members or party supporters are feeling the pain more than many of us because they were expecting more than what they are now getting that’s if they have ever been fortunate to get anything from the buffoon they impose on us as a president.
Imagine Britain supporting this bunch of crooks called government in rigging the election so that they can win and frustrate the Chinese investors and make them flee back to their country so they “Britain” will be taking the leads when it comes to bad investments. Because one thing i know is that Britain or the British people are nothing but greedy and selfish people.
Imagine the foreign currencies are going higher whilst our own currency is been depreciated every day.
1.Garri is been sold at le2000 per cup
2.sugar le3500 per cup
3.fuel le8500 per litter
4.rice le1300,1400
5.the free education is a mess.
6.Democracy has been tampered with by this Autocratic Government.
it’s almost 2 yrs now since you blind literate took office unconstitutionally and our economy is become miserable.
If u guys can’t take care of your homes properly how then can u take care of this nation?

ICW Updates ‼️‼️‼️

1)It is imperative we raise alarm about the current state of the economy under the SLPP PAOPA regime .

2) It is an open secret that the masses are suffering and the Govt have failed to deliver or make progress on their bread and butter campaign promises.

3)It’s shows incompetent on the part of SLPP Paopa Administration asking for more time when they knew the problems 5 years ago and none or little progress being made in 16 months to address bread and butter isues s the nation is on the wrong track

4) SLPP Paopa must accept incompetency managing our economy ‼️‼️

5) Sierra Leoneans will not allow the SLPP govt with so many lofty promises‼️to change the Subjet on the ongoing “ ECONOMIC CRISIS” in SL

They demand solutions now


Ishmael Kamara We hope for things to improve but I don’t see that coming any time soon. Western countries are getting tired of donating funds to Salone. They have been doing it for years and wants us to “stand on our feet” by now, but due to corruption and greed, we continue to fall on our feet 🦶. It’s not rocket science, our economy will continue to fall apart except if adjustments are made as soon as possible.
Bockarie Bobson Kargbo we are tired hearing the Blame Game things most be don otherwise i am sorry.


1. Auction of the dollar
2. Unlawful detention of peaceful citizens
3. Treated as an enemy of the state bcus you are members of the opposition
4. Increased police brutality
5. No supply of social studies and integrated Science text books as promised in the free education package
6. Unproductive overseas trips
7. Circumvented petitions cases
8. Massive sackings
9. Creating more MINISTRIES etc
10. Bintumani -iii no result
11. Lack of Inauguration ceremony audited financial report
12. Media suppression
13. Unlike EBK no n’go in any flood affected community
14. Presidential orders no effect
15. Unimaginable judicial precedent
Nelson Coulson You knew about the economy and promised to bring change. What the essence of your new direction. Stop casting blames, solved the bread and butter issues in our country
Mamu Al Conteh
The easiest and most effect way to loot the nation without any traces or footprints is the single treasury account. All you need is a co-conspirator who will be willing and able to delete zeros each time the president demands.

Now you tell me how willing will Bio be to sack JJ Blood? Don’t you think JJ Blood could destroy Bio both nationally and internationally within seconds?

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Ousman Barry
According to Myk Berewa in a live video with Matilda,paopa won the elections because they visited every school,every institution and they knew the problems that lies ahead,which means they knew about each and every problem the country was facing under the APC,even about the economy.Their mole Sahr Jusu was at finance working under APC.

Why are they acting up like the broken economy they inherited ( According to their claims )was a surprise,like they never knew about it?
The hypocrisy is paopa logo.

Achmed Sama Toronka Ousman Barry that is so true, Paopa are inept, they never take responsibility for their short comings that is why Salone is rapidly deteriorating under their leadership. The Government is really clueless on how to resolve the dire situation in the country we are all in trouble. 


Dear Cousin H.E. Mr President Bio,

Of course it’s been a while, but I hope all is fine. Thanks for successful Hajj departure of our 2019 pilgrims.

But cousin how far with food Production sir? Because the “angry boku” that we condemned Kothor H.E. Mr President Ernest and the tolobgbo guys for seem to be in three fold during your reign sir.Just hope my country men and women will not ended up singing that “Paopa nor go sidom yah, angry boku”.

Cousin sir, as I’ve always did with Kothor Ernest since 2007, please try to make your country produce in abundance what it eats, and eat on what it produce.
You have my support in making your New Direction the Right Direction for this poor and deprivedcountry of ours.

Yours in Governance

Sahr Mohamed Mustapha Sandi You are indeed a graduated fool… simple calculation you can’t do because you’re blind to the truth… point of correction, he is one year, three months and 9 days old in office. Besides I am resident in Sierra Leone, there’s nowhere they are selling See More

Sierra Leone News Update

BREAKING Home news

The united state Dollars on a dramatic rise in exchange rate against our local currency the Leones with almost : ($100= Le1,000.000) . This has sent a clear signal that President JULIUS MAADA BIO is completely loosing control of our economy in less than two years

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Randy Jones Most stupid finance minister ever in salone
Momo Karbo Quite a rhetorical question. Let’s be honest here, the question ought to be, who let the dogs out? Unfortunately it just got started. Bunch off broke ass idiots, who have been salivating for years to get there filthy hands in the cash register. Buyers remorse. The greedy neighbors you never want to invite in any of your parties. Thieves in monkey suit
Ibrahim Foday Sesay One hundred dollar is one million three thousand leones now. Mr. Bread and butter promised to stabilize the dollar to three hundred thousand leones within fifteen to eighteen months. The man is not competent, let him go. He is only good in talking not in pratical
Foday B. Kamara One hundred dollars is one million leones today in Sierra Leone. If you can’t improve the economic status of the country after one year some months, please give the power back to the people…
Ousman Barry
ACC is turning a blind eye on J J Saffa.All contracts given to lebanese under Apc were supposed to be freezed.But he is tkibg his commission and approving payments.The economy is so bad and here he is making payments that are not supposed to be made.He has drowned our economy just to make money for himself.

The biggest corrution right now is at the ministry of finance under J J Saffa.Even Sahr Jusu is not happy about what’s going on.
Bank Governor,another one that has failed salone.
How can a bank governor appoint a nurse who was living in ghana working as a nurse as his Personal assisant,don’t we have qualified people for that job?
KABINE MINISTER OF TRANSPORTATION AND HIS ELDER BROTHER GOVERNOR OF BANK OF SALONE.Soso family biznez.Make r blow small ba.palampo life dae monar me.

Kamara Ballat The worst Minister of finance since independent and the inflation rate is over 75%in his sixteen months in office shame to you jj saffa

Based on Sierra Leone’s Economy, Bio does not deserve a second term. The steady devaluation of the Leone keeps exposing the recklessly bold mis-governance of Sierra Leone by Julius Maada Bio and company. Despite the numerous travels claiming to be doing business for the country in the world, at home the exchange rate keeps rising; it tells a sad story of hardship and depravity. The SLPP government is heedless and impulsive. They act in hotheaded ways thinking their false propaganda will fix the economy. As Ghana’s VP, Dr. Bawumia says, “You cannot manage the economy with propaganda.” So far, the economy of Sierra Leone is proving that a BAD president is in office. His government does not have the “underlining fundamentals” to resolve the economic crisis in Sierra Leone. Mr. Talk and do will keep talking. But the actual truth is that the Leone-to-Dollar exchange rate is proving that Bio’s management style is imprudent, careless, incompetent. Bio Does Not Deserve A Second Term. WE MUST & WILL REMOVE HIM IN 2023.

Dear President Bio,

The people of Salone are suffering big time.

You boastfully told to the people you are going to fix the economy. Please fix it now and stop the cry cry baby complaining.

Is it the too many talk talk PHDs do less for more money with no previous work experience the problem ?

Many lazy folks in the SLPP party who keeps complaining about the former administrations like babies.

A new employee who keeps complaining about an old employee work is most likely to be fired.

It is about what your government can do for you now and not what the previous administrations did not do!

Don’t be the child who came home after failing an exam and say the teachers do not like me.

The exchange rate of the Leones to the dollar is climbing to a million. Wow! In a nation that is believed to carry a 80% unemployment rate.

Respectfully sir, you need to do something for the people.

Foday B. Kamara You guys are very wicked. The economy is going down, things are very hard and you’re jubilantly praising president Bio who promised to fix the problem of Sierra Leoneans in three months. What a shame…Today, Bio has spent more than one year some months without fixing the problem of the bread and butter issue. One hundred US dollar is one million Leones. Is the flying allover the world the answer to the problem of Sierra Leoneans ? He promised us there months, not some years… Stop the blame game, it will not work again after one year in state house…

Why Sierra Leone, why?
Everyone just seat back watching things are getting worse everyday and yet satisfied with the slow destruction and poison that is killing them on the inside.
It’s feels so sad to my realisation that the president and members of the government failed to visit the flooded site and victims affected by flood.
I understand also that common food, eg: Gari, Balgor, etc.. has become more expensive in the market than rice.
Where is Sierra Leone heading to? 
Transportation ??
Electricity ??
Security ??
Exchange rate ??
Health care ??
Free Education ??
Freedom of speech ??
Etc… Etc… 

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