An Appeal to our Members of Parliament

Over a year ago, the Ebola Virus Disease in the three hardest hit West African nations of Guinea Liberia and Sierra Leone started with a single case in, first, Guinea, and subsequently crossing over to the other two sister countries.   As should be expected, the outbreak largely affected the growth trajectory of the three countries taking into account the development potentials that could be explored in the area where the virus started. We have seen how potential investors from, for instance, China had expressed desire to invest millions of dollars in the establishment of an economic zone along the Makona River Basin, but for the outbreak.

For Sierra Leone, the last one year has not been easy  as thousands of people did not only die as a result of the virus, it also left families shattered, broken and literally taken to the gallows of dead. Schools had to be closed, the country’s economic growth affected, so too her development efforts in the areas of infrastructure, amongst other areas. The country, by way of working towards fighting the virus, had to put forward a number of regulations, which, in a way helped in tackling the virus. One of such was the introduction of a State of Public Health Emergency. The President, Government and the people at large showed a resolve, commitment and readiness to get to a zero case across the country.Difficult as it appeared, the State of Emergency came with its own challenges and as a country, we have endured those challenges. In fact, at some point, the President had to relax some of the regulations but only for us to see a surge in the number of new cases. This eventually led to the reintroduction of the very regulations that had initially been lifted by Government.

Our Honorable Members of Parliament are to vote, Tuesday 4th August again for an extension or otherwise of the SOE. I cannot wait to appeal that they vote in favor. This is a road not taken by a SELECTED FEW but one that I am taking. As a Sierra Leonean, I am appealing that we forget not where it all started-the single digit. If we are to win the war, we should continue to make those sacrifices that could help us get to a zero case. This is a national challenge we all should overcome. We  want to get to our normal lives, yes, we want to move around, but where there is no health, there would be no security and development.

I am therefore humbly calling on our MPs to not forget the very fact that a single case can take us backwards. The virus is still around. What we need is a zero case. Let the regulations stay. There are times that you take decisions that may only be appreciated months or years to come. Voting for an extension could be one of such decisions to be taken by our Parliamentarians. Let us keep the SOE for now and see how we get to zero case.  MY HUMBLE APPEAL!!!

John Baimba Sesay-CHINA


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