Kemoh Sesay donates food to Port Loko ahead of 3 -day lock down

By Hassan Bruz Northern Bureau Chief  :

The Political and Public Affairs Minister –Hon. Alhajie Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay who is also one of the humble descendants of Port Loko, has donated a consignment of food items to the District ahead of the 3 Day lock down prescribed by Government. The consignment which included bags of rice and other cocking ingredients, were officially handed over to the District Health Management Team for onward distribution to the respective Beneficiaries.



As outlined by Hon. Alhajie Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay, the Package is intended for people in quarantined homes particularly those in the Township of Port Loko. The Minister said he is very much mindful of the potential constraints the lockdown might cause especially this time of the year when most people finds it extremely difficult to eke out a living even in normal times , let alone at a time when one is conditioned to stay at home for 3 consecutive days. He said the problem is further compounded by the additional fact that this is the rainy season when people ought to have been busy with their farm work.



Hon Alhajie Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay however urged for the kind understanding of all and sundry as this is an unexpected and ugly occurrence that has seriously dampened the positive strikes of the Government. He cited the series of constraints the Government has been exposed to in terms of forging ahead with the Agenda for Prosperity. He noted that the development Projects mapped out by President Koroma are currently at a standstill because of the Ebola outbreak in the country. He made a particular reference to the scaling down of most miming activities and the eventual exodus of Investors, the closure of several Airlines, and plenty other issues that have been grounded by the outbreak of this disease.



The Political and Public Affairs Minister said, the issue of whether there is Ebola or not should no longer be a problem as every sober minded person ought to have known by now that, Ebola is real and the virus has claimed several useful lives. He said the fact that it has even gone along with renowned medical practitioners is sufficient for others to know that the virus has the potential to ravage many more lives if the necessary precautions are not adopted. He said this is about time for people to consider their individual roles in making sure that the virus is prevented from spreading further.

As an African that was brought up in rural settings, the Minister said he is aware of the belief of people in witchcrafts and other related primitive loyalties, and how many more do earn their living through such means. He said those believes should be put aside as at now because, the scaring figure of Ebola related cases from the District cannot be unconnected from these kinds of believes. He spoke of the Bye Laws on Ebola and stressed the need for compliance so as not to become victims of the corresponding penalties. He appealed to Local Authorities to ensure that the effort of Government is complemented by Natives as he promised to render additional assistance to the other quarantined homes in the District.

Below are the Photos of Hon. Alhajie Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay and some of the consignment of food items the has so far provided ……..

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