The 11-year civil war took a profound toll on Sierra Leone’s youth which this nation still works to mend.  However, Mr. Koroma and visionaries in Sierra Leone and abroad are now taking efforts to turn things around and improve the future for their youth, focusing primarily on education and leadership.
One major component of this movement was ignited last year, when Sierra Leone Goodwill Ambassador Ms. Isatu Timbo attended The Way to Happiness Foundation International Convention in Glendale, California. There she met with program administrators, government officials and Hollywood celebrities such as Nancy Cartwright (Emmy Award winning film, television and voice over actress) who are successfully using The Way to Happiness program as a means of positive change in their respective countries and communities.


The Way to Happiness is a non-religious, common sense guide to a moral, happy and successful life. Written in 1981 by L. Ron Hubbard, it has since been translated into over 100 languages, with over 100 million copies distributed around the world. Used as a resource to instill values and integrity by schools, businesses and government agencies, as well as youth and community organizations, the Way to Happiness program has been markedly successful.
Since her visit, Ms. Timbo has been working with The Way to Happiness Foundation International in Los Angeles and laying the groundwork to establish the first Way to Happiness Chapter in Sierra Leone.  She has been commended and praised by the First Lady of Sierra Leone for her continuous and dedicated efforts to bring assistance to Sierra Leone in the form of workable programs and aide, particularly in the area of education.
Goodwill Ambassador Ms. Timbo has expressed her deep appreciation for The Way to Happiness program and is extremely excited to see the positive change and impact it will bring to Sierra Leone in the near future.
Ms. Timbo will be an honored guest at the upcoming The Way to Happiness International Conference will be held April 26 – 28th at The Way to Happiness Foundation International in Glendale, California.  At the upcoming conference she will use this opportunity to involve leaders and activists from the world over in the upcoming Way to Happiness project to launch later this year from Freetown. Please contact for further information.

Shannon Wilson
Dir Public Affairs
ABLE International

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