Sierra Leone Government puts measures in place to fight Ebola



(Office of Government Spokesman)
Ministry of Information and Communications
8th Floor, Youyi Building,  Brookfields, Freetown



As Government and its health development partners continue to fight the outbreak of the Ebola disease that has so far claimed the lives of 16 people;

The Government through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and other participating Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) is therefore putting the following measures in place with immediate effect as part of an overall national strategy in addressing the outbreak of the Ebola virus:

  1. All vehicles and their passengers entering and leaving Kailahun district must subject themselves to screening by authorities at various checkpoints;
  2.  All schools in Kailahun district are closed with immediate effect, and that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is making arrangements with the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) for those students slated to sit to the National Basic Education Examinations (BECE) to take the exams at a later date;
  3. To minimise the risk of transmission from person to person, Government hereby orders the prohibition of all public gatherings, including but not limited to, cinemas, cultural activities and night clubs in Kailahun district;
  4. That local and cross-border trade fairs (locally known as the “Lumors”) are temporarily closed until such a time when the Ebola virus would have been contained;
  5. That the general public is mandated to report to health authorities any person (s) or stranger (s) with symptoms of the Ebola disease in their respective communities for appropriate professional health interventions;
  6. All deaths across the country must be reported and certified by an authorised health professional before burial;
  7. All Ebola or related deaths must be buried at place of occurrence under the supervision of health personnel;

We wish the public to know that Government and particularly all participating MDAs are on top of the situation, and therefore call on the general public to cooperate with the above measures as part of the national collective drive to further raise awareness to stop further spread of the disease.


Office of Government Spokesman


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