Unwarranted Arrests of Charles Margai – Making the Whole Nation More Determined

Wednesday March 1, 2006

 PMDC is for the Masses and they chose Charles Margai as their Interim Leader – so it is more about the people rather than their leader and PMDC is here to STAY.

Kabbah and Berewa must direct the Judiciary and Judge Shyllon to deal with Charles Margai’s case expeditiously and any other cases that are politically motivated against any political members.

The Judiciary should not be misused to such an extent that to makes the already SLPP Dirty Politics stink in the whole country.  Dragging this case to election day will only make Sierra Leoneans more determined to put their desired candidate in, so no amount of  delay in concluding the Margai Case or any other case will change what is already sealed by fate.

The unceremonious arrests of Charles Margai will only continue to embarrass well meaning and decent Sierra Leoneans at home and worldwide and even widen the gap between them and the Head of the Nation  Kabbah and Co.  and the little respect that the international world has for the Sierra Leone government will evaporate in to thin air.  If there is a case, bring it on, with all the evidence and Charge Charles Margai.  If as we all know there is no case, stop the fabrication and drop the charges otherwise you will be fanning what one can call a Big Wind of Self Destruction.  For once, we rely on the President to act and not let over ambitious men destroy the peace in Sierra Leone.  The people of Sierra Leone deserve respect and freedom to express their democratic rights.  Allow Unity and Freedom for the people of Sierra Leone and this should be extended to all including Charles Margai, Hinga Norman, Ernest Koroma and not just Berewa.

The message from PMDC, UK branch is STOP THE DRAMA FOR THERE IS NO CASE.

Agnes K Macauley

Interim Chair, PMDC, UK branch

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