10 -Year Presidency for President Bio is not a right

By Yanguba Kai-Samba

People talk about Bio completing a 10 years term as if it is a right. It is not. We don’t have ten years term of presidency in our constitution. The people elected him to serve for only 5 years term. He took the oath of office in April 2018 to serve for only 5 years.

When and not of at the end of 5 years term by 2023, there will be a general and presidential election to elect a new president. Bio will also have to go back to SLPP to secure their nomination as their presidential candidate.

As the country is going down the hill under his two years in office, with increasing hardship and despair across the length and breath of Sierra Leone, if election were to be held today, the people will kick him out of office.PERIOD.

So talking about a ten years terms,, which doesn’t exist in our constitution is an idle illusion.

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