Ambassador Bockarie Stevens confirms that President Koroma indisposed : Washington trip off, but events remain

Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the United States , H.E. Bockarie Stevens,  has confirmed that President Ernest Bai Koroma  is presently indisposed and will not be able to visit Washington DC this week.

It must be recalled that,  since yesterday , rumours had been  circulating around the U.S . that the presidential trip to the United Nations General Assembly was in doubt  due to an ankle sprain sustained by the President while playing his usual favorite sports, squash. This morning , the rumours spread to the social media , especially FACEBOOK. Since then, telephones of ambassadors , diplomats and other Sierra Leonean diplomats  have been ringing off the hook. Because rumour and panic-mongers thrive during such situations and are wont to spread false, damaging and  disruptive  rumours  that are destructive to the interest of the nation , it was necessary for a higher government official to clear the air and protect the vital interests of the country.



All programs and meetings remain unchanged and it is reported from Freetown that the Minister of Information and Communications, Hon. Alpha Kanu and the Special Executive Assistant to President Koroma, Dr. Sylvia Blyden will be arriving in Washington DC  this evening to take part in the meetings that the President was scheduled to have attended.

We will keep you posted.

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